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One man's junk is another's treasure.

1. All sales are final so please don't come complaining to me if you "accidentally" buy something.
2. I may lower my prices for close friends.
3. I may barter with certain items (Over 500k) but begging me to lower my prices will achieve nothing.
4. Refer to all of the above.

Thanks for your custom.


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Kel's Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts


Complexity is overrated. Say it with simplicity.

You don't get many shots at happiness in life, so when you do, go for them all.

I'm collecting wings! Check out my wanted goodies to see which ones I am after.

* Current Residence: Australia
* Interests: Cricket, V8 Supercars, rugby, video games, music and beer
* Religion: Satanism
* Favourite movie: Transformers
* Favourite genre of music: Rock
* MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic
* Favourite game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
* Favourite gaming platform: PC
* Favourite cartoon character: Garfield
* Personal Quote: No music. No life.

I know my "About Me" is a bit cluttered and I apologise for that. I'm a pretty open person so any questions you might have I will likely answer them and I'm fairly open to chat to people so long as you can speak a legible level of English. I understand to a lot English is not their first language and that is fine, I am referring to the new generation of cancerous vermin that use text-talk as a primary language. I know a few of you will see my religion and go a bit silly but I strongly suggest you don't put your foot in your mouth and actually understand before jumping to conclusions. I know most won't and will just do what they want anyway but I'm not going to try and educate someone who won't bother listening.

I'm also extremely forgetful so please forgive me if I forget anything important, tell me. Now the above was shamelessly copied off my deviantArt page so if you want to know more just ask. I'm harmless. Honest.

Were you a friend of mine in the past that has since been removed from my friends list for any reason at all (usually inactivity)? Drop me a PM or comment with a short explanation of who you were and send me a friend request! Voilà!

Are you from Australia or New Zealand? Take the time to leave a comment (Honestly anyone can leave one if they want)!

I also update my Journal somewhat regularly with random psycho-babble. Feel welcome to check it out though.

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NarwhalsRKool - 1,500 Gold
Nan00ni - 2,922 Gold
CrAze - 1,058 Gold
X-Random_Girl123-X - 50,000 Gold
iTechnoPulse-x - B&W Cancer Mood Bubble
I FiZz l - Israfil's Wings


Total of donations made - 886,360,947,094 Gold

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