Twelasie <3

The other 1 to my 1x1 <3

Hello. I'm your invisible friend. I'm a spazzy phsyco. A loudmouthed idiot. A stupid little smartass. If you're a real friend, you'll like me anyway. >w<

Hi. I am Twiel//Elaina, Kelasie's best friend. I love her to pieces, and that will not change. She is the sister I always wanted, and the friend I always needed. She completes my spastic world, and seeing her everyday makes me the happiest person on this random a** world. If you pick a fight with her, you will 'slip' in the shower. ^w^ And NO, you CANNOT have her. MINE. emotion_donotwant I will end this with a famous inside joke. Bo in a bra.~<33

My Lover <3 c;

Come Visit My Sign Shoppe, <3 ~~

I guess I model sometimes? heart