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Hiya, My name is Hikaru

mrgreen I am a very friendly person (most of the time) mrgreen

whee I love to talk whee

rofl I love anime rofl

sweatdrop I am working on my very own manga sweatdrop

redface I hope to be a comic/manga publisher one day redface

wink I want to chat with YOU! wink

ninja I know strange things (according to my brother) ninja

crying I love drawing, I wish I was a lot better! crying


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spaz4taz Report | 05/16/2008 10:19 am
comment this to atleast 10 gaians press f5 and get 10,000 gold
MaximumDrive Report | 11/14/2007 3:42 pm
BTW, I am not Travolta. Its Vatrolta. Get it straight. ;P
XxXMishMash PodcastXxX Report | 10/13/2007 10:21 pm
XxXMishMash PodcastXxX
Where did you get that pic for your background please tell me>< and hiya^ ^ nice to meetcha
Viva La Blonde Report | 10/11/2007 8:46 am
Viva La Blonde
oopsy, i thought i left that comment on manny's page... heehee what a loser.

Ok so this weekend i need to unwind, and have some fun.... up for a bottle?

call me let me know! ttys!
Viva La Blonde Report | 10/08/2007 10:42 am
Viva La Blonde
I'm in love with the lizard king, and his best friend is travolta.... great! lmao
Viva La Blonde Report | 09/28/2007 4:02 pm
Viva La Blonde
all is good? hey what are you guys planning this weekend? we should all do something
Viva La Blonde Report | 09/19/2007 7:12 pm
Viva La Blonde
yea i figured it out, i just deleted my avatar and startde fresh... thanx tho
titi7robert Report | 09/12/2007 7:08 pm
wassup sis XD
Viva La Blonde Report | 09/12/2007 4:49 pm
Viva La Blonde
hey there, i've been on this site for a couple days and frankly i have no idea what i am doing, lmao...
Mello-senpai Report | 09/12/2007 4:03 pm
You made that video? zomg!!!!!! Out of every video I have seen it is my favorite!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ I have had it on my profile for quite a while also. You chose a great song for the video!!!!!!!! ^__^ For making a video that amazing, you are awesome. ^.^ Im sure you are loved. Yus.