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Report | 08/04/2008 2:42 pm


Sup? You never sign on MSN anymore. User Image

And ew, prince raven is on your profile. Most annoying guy EVER.
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Report | 08/03/2008 8:12 pm

Noitseuq Esnesnon

I've been at bootcamp. The Air Force doesn't want me cuz I have patello-femoral syndrom
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Report | 08/03/2008 1:18 am

Raven Xaivier Kitari

hey add me and look me up

its me prince raven x
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Report | 07/27/2008 2:44 pm


It always does.


Report | 07/26/2008 12:19 pm


Hunter's Chance wut.
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Report | 07/26/2008 10:29 am

The God of Summons

Yeah, so I dunno, I'll have to look for another place or something. Dunno really.

Right now I'm kinda in the middle of something, but next time i'll check the playlists, have you checked mine?
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Report | 07/26/2008 10:21 am

The God of Summons

You know it's like it seems people rob you over there or something, see what I mean? like a dangerous sorta place.

Gonna checkthe playlists when you finnish em User Image
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Report | 07/26/2008 10:00 am

The God of Summons

Oh dude, I dont know if I'll be movin to that place in the end, cause it seems the neighborhood's a bit insecure, pss I dunno.
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Report | 07/26/2008 9:14 am


I need to get more music on my playlist. xDD

I think rap is good,

I don't know why everyone hates it so much.
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Report | 07/26/2008 8:47 am


I like all kinds of music, at least one song out of every genre,

But I don't much look into the songs I like, I'm content with hearing what I hear,

And interpreting what I want. xDD

My favourite is country classical and rock.

Though right now I'm loving the ending song to Portal.
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Report | 07/25/2008 8:33 pm


Yeah, good thing that I like Asians. xDD

I once saw like five white people together in the mall. =O I pointed them out, and surprised the hell outta my family.
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Report | 07/25/2008 7:18 pm

The God of Summons

Dude, is the marketplace out of service for you? cause I cant get it to work.
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Report | 07/25/2008 6:17 pm


I'm actually not in Toronto, I'm just outside of it.

Whitby is about an hour from Toronto.

It is rather boring xD

I don't like it here, I miss knowing where I am, and seeing white people. Dx
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Report | 07/25/2008 5:35 pm

The God of Summons

Dude congrats for finding a new place!

Are you planning on paying for an internet service or you'll stay off the net? I don't really know what I'm gonna do about that cause I can afford a good PC and an internet service, but I'll be away from my place almost all the time, so I dont know if I'm gonna get it.

Good luck with the moving and stuff dude!
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Report | 07/25/2008 5:18 pm


Yeah I just moved here from near Whitby.

I've been through London, but I cant remember it, I was young, and thought we were going through London, England xD
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Report | 07/25/2008 4:21 pm



No, I've not gone to school here yet, but I'll be going in September, and it'll be a good school full of cute boys<3

I'm so bored this summer. D'=
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Report | 07/25/2008 3:48 pm


Somewhere near Toronto. x3

I've just been called ugly enough times to see it and think it myself.[/sob story]

But I dunno, I don't think I'm REALLY ugly or anything, just unnatractive.
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Report | 07/25/2008 6:47 am

The God of Summons

Well in the end I got the job but I have my English rated on monday and if I fail they take me out of the English project, still wont be that bad cause they'd put me in a spanish program meaning I have a job anyways.

Also I found a place that I may move to, it's kinda really far from the center of town and my job but whatever, things are going fine you can say.

What about you? looking for a new place? or arranging everything to move?

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Report | 07/25/2008 4:59 am






I'm self concious... heh x.x;
The God of Summons's avatar

Report | 07/21/2008 6:03 pm

The God of Summons

Dude sent you some token leftovers, cause you know how to make profit of em xDD

Anyways, I got a job but then the guy lost my registration and stuff so I missed the first training day, and tomorrow I have to take all the information and stuff again but Im worried cause one of the things they ask for I have it like in uruguayan version, so I dunno if they gonna accept it.

Also I need to move somewhere soon, and I dunno, can't find any place.

Hope next time I write I'm settled down.

Take care dude!
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