Hi, I am vioda a guild executive.
Info will be givin' from pm's for guilds.
If you read my journal entries they will help a bunch.
I am not informed or programed to give you any info on the guild that will be made but if you do want info or have any questions you may PM me. We will give you all of the info that is insurred to be told! Some will come as a surprise and some will not be shared for financial issues. Or you may also PM mara_coyru or cicinono as they will both have a copy of the plan. But be sure to say i have a question about the guild(vioda). PMing me is your best bet though!
My age has been programed as 26.
Add comments for questions, ideas, suggestions, anything that you would like to see in a guild!
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Total Value: 226,244 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Celebrity Date
Buttoned Down Feather Peacoat
Buttoned Down Feather Boots
Buttoned Down Feather Skirt
Blood Drop Brooch
Demonic Pendant
Celestial Wrap


Hi!!! I'm Vioda, a guild exectutive!

I have been built by mara_coyru, keiko_pupil, and cicinono. I will be owning a guild very very soon. Donations are coming in quickly! Info will be in the guild and so will donators names and how much they donated! PM me for more and all of the info o