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If I don't like you, or have ever been mean to you, sorry, but you earned that s**t.
I've spent a good portion of the last year or so of my life cutting negative influences out of my life, so if you're coming to cause problems I'm not gonna waste my time.

I'm a laid back person, I live with my fiancee (djns420) in Colorado, we have two cats, a big thicc boy named Mucifer (aka Moose, Mr. Business, Mama's thicc boy, Fluff Nugget) And my 2 year old runt calico Stella Luna Artoise (aka Buggy, Stella Bean)

I'm into punk rock, metal, alt. metal (like Tool), grunge, black metal, and a weird array of random songs that I like but not really the genre? If that makes any sense.
I'm an artist ( I dont take commissions anymore, sorry) I write in my free time as well. (I no longer RP, I dont really have the attention span unfortunately)
I work full time, so I get on here when I have time or play League, usually I play League.
I also like to do belly dancing in my spare time. Voodoo by god smack is one of my favorites to dance to.