I see you have found yourself on my profile, lucky you. You are in for a treat my friend that treat being me of course!
I am known as Keeve here on Gaia, and it is a pleasure meet you. Don’t be fooled by my avatars mean appearance, I am a very nice person who enjoys making new friends so why not stay a while a chat!

Hmm let’s see what can you talk to me about?

I am an artist of sorts, I am looking to open a shop here on Gaia at some point…I just never get around to it. Drawing is something that I enjoy very much and I have been doing it for a long time, I feel like I have room to improve but for the most part I disagree with others when I say my work is great. But I believe all artists are this way, and I am sure it annoys a lot of people haha. I also enjoy reading and some of my favorite books are written by Dean Koontz, he is an amazing author and I would highly recommend him. Like most people I enjoy watching movies with my friends and two movies I could watch over and over again are The Labyrinth and Princess Bride. Although these are some of my favorite things to do, I am always more than happy to meet and talk to new people so why not leave me a comment!