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Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/20

My favorite songs(:

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Wish List - kthx<3

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On Leave!
;D For four months.
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rawr. im not a dinosaur.

The Name's Katie

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Peace love and skittles

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- You buy me things on July 20th

- I I'm a chick with the mind of a boy :B baha

- Im not a bish, im really nice(:

- im 15 and 5'10

I have no faith in the human race at all.

-Bisexual/Lesbian <~ Not too sure.

- I LOVE video games

- especially Kingdom Hearts

- PNEUMONO­ULTRA­MICRO­SCOPIC­SILICO­VOLCANO­KONIOSIS Is the longest word in the english language.

-Let's have some fun(:

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Art done by : KidneyBox
Please draw me<3

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I live in the hell hole that the US likes to call Texas. I do not like it here at all and im moving out of here once i get the chance. Its too hot in the summers and i love the mountains.

People who use sterotypes or judge people by how they look need to be hit with a brick a few times. I do not talk like a hick, i dont own ANY cowboy boots or a old western hat. I also dont ride horsies. (I want to though)

I am very tall,a burden or a blessing whatever way you look at it. I Go to High school here which is overrun with gang members which i can now not wear my favorite color of shirts (Blue and Red) because teenagers going through rebel stages have powerfull morals. Which are spray paint, weed, and throwing shoes on power lines.

I dont have very good grammar... in fact i think that sentence was a fragment! I fail. I am also really terrble at math. my calculator saves my a** daily. ;3

Being "possibly" gay is a crime for me according to my mom but its okay for my brother to be gay.
i like boobs and girlish charm. Is that wrong? Women have this smooth and fluid movement about them that attracts me to them, men seem too rough and straight looking.

Btw if you haven't guessed...


Scarlet Kagami

*Q* -rhapes wifeh-

;o oh bby!

I can has band camp?

Uhh... Fo sho?