Well, let's start off with the simple basic stuff.

Introduction ~

The name is Blaze, simple right? I'm just a careless 18 year old that has a busy life but on my spare time I spend some of it on here or playing Mabinogi. The other time I am either reading, watching a movie or something else of course.


I'm just looking for friends to chat with about anything really, as long as no one easily butt hurt about the stuff we'll talk about.. I prefer mainly some geek and weird s**t because those are fun af LOL but I'm an open minded person, so I'm okay with anything! Really!

Eternally Happy!! ^o^

I'm Ultra Weird

I like shits. Like socks and balloon strings and tree trunk chips. I like carrots. I will legit say the dumbest things and I will probably be convinced that what I am saying are FACTS.

If it isn't gay, it's Homiesexual.