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The stuff I have on right now.


Now that I've made my angel avi... I'm off to some new looks, this being my immediate quest avi. ;o
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About Me

So, after a few years, I guess I could say I'm a pretty aged Gaian. Including an old and inexplicably banned account, I've been here for about seven years (edit, apparently I glanced over that... I'm an '05 Gaian) years now and I figured it was time for me to do a little update to this old page of mine.

So about me:
Name: Kris although I go by Kaz
Age: 20
Favorite genres of music and reading respectively: symphonic metal and generally rock/metal and as for books, I'm a bit of a fan of horror novels, but haven't been reading too many as of late
Misc. hobbies: I like reading manga and building models, mostly of Gundams. Other than that, I like making art, but I'm only -relatively- decent at it, have mostly been out of work in that department.

Occupation: the one thing I'll list is that I happen to write for a website called 'Mission Start Podcast, and we cover manga, anime and video game reviews. I've been somewhat inactive lately... but I've just been rather busy as of late razz
Check it out at http://www.missionstartpodcast.com !

-I hate spam
-Random friend requests come off as somewhat awkward.. so I'd much prefer a conversation beforehand
-I earn gold very slowly so quests take me ********
-I've been coming on less and less with school, but I'm still a relatively active member of Gaia
-I like randomness, however if it becomes too estranged... well, there's a difference between being fun and different to being a schizophrenic.

...I think that's just about it,
Anything else, feel free to chat me up on.

Ideas and opinions.

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TehPudding Report | 08/13/2014 9:41 am
cool avi
xViviRocksx Report | 07/06/2014 1:32 am
Hey heyy! Remember me? Haven't been here for 2-3 years and wow did gaia change. I don't know if you still go on but if you do, let's talk like the old days biggrin ! Hope you're doing great heart
Celuu Report | 05/02/2013 3:37 pm
Hey. i saw you on an old account i had i used to be called _NyraNevaeh_ or Kitten- Kat
Caffeine Withdrawal Report | 11/20/2012 11:32 am
Caffeine Withdrawal
Oh my god I haven't been on here for ages.
I hope you haven't forgotten me again! I keep forgetting I have a Gaia account. D:
vodka slurs Report | 11/13/2012 3:04 am
vodka slurs
-slaps- mad
very delayed comment. LOOL
but. Ive tried a few other Nexon games. Like Vindictus and that dungeon fighter bull I dind't like them tho.
I think I'm too used to maple. xD
Knights of the Abyss Report | 06/22/2012 10:38 pm
Knights of the Abyss
Yeah, I saw your status update and decided to stalk you.. >:] But alas, I have deacticated my FB:/ Sawee:c I really did like the stuff you had on that page tho:'D
ll-Soulle-ll Report | 06/22/2012 9:40 am
This is why happiness and all that is worth while is a pursuit. Fleeting at times but always worth the run.
ll-Soulle-ll Report | 06/10/2012 2:56 pm
Well then, I shall be wishing you luck with a constantly improving situation. After all life is amazing when you are given a clean pair of glasses.
Knights of the Abyss Report | 06/08/2012 6:28 am
Knights of the Abyss
Your "Kaz Cosplay" on FB:]
Knights of the Abyss Report | 05/20/2012 2:29 am
Knights of the Abyss
Please don't mind me creepin' on your cosplay page.. sweatdrop