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Report | 07/10/2008 6:35 pm



Hrm, haven't seen enough SHINee dorkiness yet, I wanna see them be their natural selves and goof around with each other. XD

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Report | 07/10/2008 10:41 am


@ comment below

How's their personality? OO: Are they nice?

If that's what you're talking about. XD
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Report | 07/08/2008 6:09 pm


Hrmm, well, Star King will officially air sometime next week, but who knows when the subs will be released. User Image

To be honest with you, I don't think I know enough of SHINee to make a solid decision, but I feel like after I see their true personalities come out in this variety show, I probably can make my choice.

(Maybe... User Image)
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Report | 07/08/2008 3:15 pm


Ah nevermind, I figured it out. XDD

Let's see, my word is Bichrimate. (((0.o)))
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Report | 07/08/2008 3:11 pm


Thanks, darling. C;

And you're most welcome.

Star King is gonna be hilarious, I can guarantee you that. By the way, the text at the bottom of your comment was so small, I couldn't even read. (Maybe that was the point User Image)
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Report | 07/08/2008 2:15 pm

delicate tea

I see. Well yay! Now I have a patch from Kazue. ;D

I was looking through people's quilts and then I clicked yours. o 3o

So oh hey!
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Report | 07/07/2008 8:20 pm


Hahaha I feel old saying that. o 3o

Speaking of variety shows, though, I think SHINee is gonna be on Star King. Their first variety show?? *enter surprised gasp*

Special Taemin fancam for yooouuu <3
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Report | 07/07/2008 1:43 pm


You're welcome!

& thank youuu :] I am tempted to change this layout because I feel like I've had it since the Cretaceous period, so it's pretty much ancient. XD But I can't bring myself to change it because I don't think I can make anything else that would be as long-lasting. :s
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Report | 07/07/2008 1:19 pm

delicate tea

Thank you very much Kazue. n.n <3

I can't believe I never noticed that you had a patch. = n=
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Report | 07/05/2008 9:02 pm

delicate tea

-Patches- :U <3
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Report | 07/04/2008 3:35 pm


I love the feel of this layout!! The header is pretty awesome. Europe's pretty awesome.

Random, but my sister is in Paris right now with her friends and she met the lead singer of Panic At the Disco and David Hasselhoff. I am SO jealous. ;p
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Report | 07/04/2008 6:34 am


You must let your mind wander! Three years of being a DBSK fan and I still daydream shamelessly. User Image

Hooo boy, I still can't stop giggling over that gif. Is that from a variety show?
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Report | 07/03/2008 8:57 pm

delicate tea

Hehe, yay! Thank you. ;D

I'll definately have fun doing that.
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Report | 07/03/2008 8:45 pm


Dear lord, your gif of Onew gave me spasms of uncontrollable laughter. Looks like Taemin-sshi braced himself for the oncoming attack! XD


Okay seriously, real story, no lie. My friend's friend is absolutely in love with this Vietnamese singer. She was smitten. So she goes on his MySpace page and starts commenting on his profile and he starts commenting back, then they start messaging each other through e-mails, like spilling their lives to each other, and then finally, they manage to talk to each other through the computer camera (What's it called where you can communicate though the computer camera?? User Image). So by this point, you know this singer is into her too, he now calls her everyday and wrote a song for her. Dream come true or what?

And that concludes my epic love story.

So it's possible, Kazue. C:
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Report | 07/03/2008 8:37 pm

delicate tea

Yes! I love them both. :'D

I shall where them sooner or later. ;D <3
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Report | 07/03/2008 8:30 pm

delicate tea

Thank you Kazue. ;w; <333
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Report | 07/03/2008 7:14 pm


Everytime I comment, your vid distracts me...in a good way. User Image

Emma Watson? M'dear, Taemin will be like "Who's Emma Watson?" once he meets you. :]

You'll get those steps down, I promise you.
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Report | 07/03/2008 6:55 pm


Okay Kazue-hime, this is how it's gonna go down;

You're gonna wake up one morning, with the Replay steps down. And you're gonna be so absolutely amazing that your friends are gonna go "Wow!" and your parents are gonna be like "Whoa!" and you're gonna film your wonderful dance talent and post it on youtube. Meanwhile, Taemin comes across your wonderfulamazingsuperawesome dance video and be like "I must meet this beautiful girl!" and he's gonna fly over right to your door step and your fan meeting with adorkable Taemin will be waaaay better than any dinner.

(Consider this an epic comment o3o)

Besides, me + dance = worldwidechaosapcalypse 0.o
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Report | 07/03/2008 6:42 pm


Aw! Don't be sad! You learned the whole dance? I'm sure you're absolutely f a n t a s t i c! User Image

(I'm sure Taemin will feel like he's missing someone when the dinner is going on. User Image)
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Report | 07/03/2008 6:32 pm


I'm afraid it's a struggling battle between JongHyun and Taemin. User Image

I read your entry on the SHINee dance battle thing.

Oh, how I would kill for that opportunity. XD

Don't worry, I feel your pain.
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