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For old time sake I'm gonna keep all that stuff around, buuuut I'm totally not going to read over 'cause I'll know I'll be disgusted and annoyed with myself.

I'm not really on Gaia all too much, but since I've returned it's just a place to do whatever the hell. So ....good stuff.

Name: Kazrai Kaesu
Age: 26
Birthplace: Amarth
Birthday: Dec. 16
Occupation: N/A

Kazrai is the decendant of the legend, Taijou. It is said that this winged man could wield the elements as well as he could wield his twin blades, Heiwa, and Senso, and carved a path for those who needed him. He only had two rules: He would not work for one who was corrupt, and he would only work for the right price.


At a young age, Kazrai was abducted from his family to be tested upon by a secretive company. Both he and the company were surprised when Kazrai awoken to his true potential. He was gifted with raven wings, and the power to manipulate the element of ice.

Intrigued by this, the company set up a series of harsh tests that would see what Kazrai was truly capable of. Years past, and the company found Kazrai fit to be used as one of the few subjects for their main objective: Revival of a great entity of the past. Only those with a strong mind, and body could become the vessel and contain the spirit, thus why all other attempts of this resurrection had failed.

Kazrai proved to be more than they hand anticipated as he was able to bring the entity under his control. His will was stronger than that of the being that was now within him, thus bestowing upon Kazrai new powers. Kazrai's physical self hand been amplified, thus becoming stronger, and more agile than the average human, as well as his mind was fortified.

Retraining him for a while longer, Kazrai underwent a few more tests, such as a new experiment. Dividing his mind to give inanimate objects one of their own. After a few years, he managed to control four objects, two chains, with small blades at each end, a duel barreled elemental pistol, and the legendary blade, Heiwa.

Soon after he had received these gifts, Kazrai managed to break free from the company who had used him, and caused him pain. Knowing not the whereabouts of his family, he wandered the world trying to find a new life.

At the age of seventeen, a woman named Shina found Kazrai, and showed him the life of a mercenary. Now finding a thrill in life, Kazrai accepted this way of life wholly, and soon took up the name Kazrai of the Ice on the streets. Unlike the others though, Kazrai could not take a job if it was unjust, or corrupt, which lead to many disputes between he and his comrades.

In the years they had worked together, Kazrai and Shina fell in love. They both knew the risks of a relationship in their line of work, but they did not care. If every day is a risk of loosing your life, then why waste it worrying?

Fate, playing her cruel game gave Kazrai a mission that would change his life. He took up a mission to dispose of some men, but during the ordeal he became overconfident. His carelessness put him in a situation where Shina took a bullet for him, and died soon afterward.

Kazrai, broken by this event snapped, and let loose the wrath of the inner being for the first time. He slaughtered the enemy, whether they were armed, or defenseless. Shina's last words brought him back to reality before he gave in completely to the entity within himself.


A year passed, and Kazrai finally was reunited with his family. With the wealth that he had earned in his years of his mercenary work, Kazrai built himself a home, and lived there for a while, researching his family history. He came across a passage that rumored that the legend Taijou had encased himself in a mountain of ice somewhere unknown.

After much research, and help from people in all sorts of places, Kazrai followed many predictions, that ended in failed attempts. A couple of years later he finally found his forefather, and released him from his timeless tomb. Taijou, still in a state of slumber was brought back to a facility run by his own descendants.

After his complete recovery, Taijou agreed to live with his 'son'. Some time later, a boy named Senshi introduced himself to Kazrai, and became his closest friend. Things were starting to become a normality.

As life became routine, something out of the ordinary had to arise. Her name was Shizuka Haruka. The two met, and instantly built a wall to separate them from each other. This however lasted for only a few months as their heated arguments became less and less intense. Eventually the two could stand each other, and talked every so often, but hardly without a fight erupting.

As time passed Kazrai developed feelings for Shizuka, but tried to hide it. How could he bear to have another relationship after Shina? He would not have anything to do with the likes again out of fear. Yet after a time of thinking, he knew that Shina would want him to be happy with another. He remembered how free he felt when he was in love. How life was too short not to grasp the emotion. He gave in.

After an awkward encounter, the two confessed to each other and began a relationship which evolved into a marriage a couple of years afterward.


This leads to where Kazrai is at the moment...


When history witnesses a great change, Razgriz reveals itself. First as a dark demon. As a demon, it uses its power to rain death among the land. And then it dies. However, after a period of slumber Razgriz returns, this times as a great hero.--

Amidst the eternal waves of time
From a ripple of change shall the storm arise
Out of the abyss peer the eyes of a demon
Behold the Razgriz, it's wings of black sheath

The demon soars through the dark skies
Fear and death trail its shadow
Until men united wield a hallowed sabre
In final reckoning the beast is slain

As the demon sleeps man turns on man
His blood and madness cover the earth
From the depth of despair awakens the Razgriz
Its raven wings ablaze in majestic light


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