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Ujon Nocturne on 09/14/2020


Welcome to my profile~

Here, you will observe the weird and crazy things i do with little'o gaia...

and hey~ i just thought of putting some info in my profile yey~! Hey-i how did my layout become that cute little munchball cinnamon? anyway it looks cute X"3

Okay time to introduce myself a little...

Hi~ my name is Kazoku Mizuki, call me in any nickname you want as long as i know that i'm the one your calling...

And if you do at least a little appropriate name not like sh*t or even b*tch and so the like okay? ^-^

Update [March 09, 2012]

Hello there~ X3 This is me after years not updating this profile thing!! and good news for me!
I already have a tablet yey!!

Up until now i'm still not good at it but i'm trying my best --But school is distracting trololololol~!!!
and maybe someday i will make commissions!!! Have a nice day/night to all!!

~Kazoku Mizuki is signing out~