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Yeah i have a rocker-girl taste in music d:

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Me :3

Harmony speaks
with a cocphony of emotions
singing it's song
about a pointless notion

The rythmic beat
of the heart beat's laughter
is instantly broken
and carelessly shattered

Time ticks by
watching the clock
the seconds slow
with every knock

symetry flows on
with it's lines and shape
broke in the form
and try to fix with tape

the wind blows
making music in the chimes
broke, it needs repair
but won't be fixed with any dime

The mirror glows
with no one's face
only the backdrop
of fabric and lace

Dress is hung up
and torn by the chains
teared and tarnished
Soaked by the rain

Eaten away
by ironic fate
well this is life
a life i hate


and your still here...

[yeah i have a girly taste in music d: deal with it]
kuneria Jester
Kazewa Bunny

I can't believe you scrolled all the way down here to see this.

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

<-- Its kuneria 8D

its me 8D -->

Its my mule 8D -->

"Girliest straight guy alive xD"

Damn right beetch >8D

*pets arm, creepy whisper* Together forever

I hope i made you smile :3