my life

heyy people im kaylee wats up
imma tell u a lil bit about me ok read very carefully...
i live in da BIG [[352]] and us people in da [[352]]
dont play around so if you wanna mess
wit me be prepared ok cause u will get knocked out...
ok i have the most amazing best friend..
named desiree a.k.a linez 101....any boys she is my frist friend
and see if u want me to hook yall up...she is living
the single life and im trying to help her so hit me up and yall 2 can talk
but anywho back to me...
i have the most amazing baby ever and you will never no who ok
i like to party and have fun but when you get me mad you
will never get me happy agin so try not to play around ok
umm dont be scared to send me messeges ok leave comments
do watever...o and another thing i wanna thank all my
haters for haten on me cause o am i famous
and if u wanna start talkin on the phone send me a messege
and give me the 10 digets ok well one finger and im out
cause yall haters aint even worth two ok buh bye....

the life of,