About Me
Name: Shugi

My Personality: A cheerful, friendly and kind gaian who easily gets along with others. Although she can be quite childish and slow at things, she does her very best to understand her friends to help them out in every way she can as they mean a lot to her. Shugi is also a sensitive person at heart and occasionally tends to sympathies those around her when she feels like it's needed.

Interests: Japan, anime/manga, art-whoring, questing, sweets, music, bishonen, yaoi, cute/pretty things and friendship x3

Fav source of music: A mixture of piano and violin-playing together, j-pop songs, electric guitar, sad, gentle and sweet melodies are also nice to listen to ^-^

Dislikes: Spiders, kiwi fruit, lies, beggars, random pms/friend's requests, losing things @__@;

Hobbies: Watching anime, reading manga, practicing on drawing/CG, listening to j-pop songs, playing RPG games, spending time on the internet, collecting anime merchandises, hanging out with friends, spending time on Gaia <33

My Dream: Going to Japan and experiencing the life and culture there


Kawaii Shugi



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Daris v9

Report | 07/11/2016 1:31 pm

Daris v9

Hey I was wondering if I could see Ah B art gallery? I remember him being an amazing artist and would like to see his work again. Thanks
Daris v9

Report | 05/11/2014 6:42 am

Daris v9

Prince Shu

Report | 12/20/2013 12:18 am

Prince Shu

hey hey Shugi, how's life coming along with you?

Report | 09/17/2013 6:01 pm



Shugi, we're not friends anymore.


Report | 08/11/2012 8:13 pm


Hello I luv your profile especially your avatar ^-^ 4laugh
Prince Shu

Report | 06/26/2012 10:10 am

Prince Shu

Hey Shugi, how are ya doing?

Report | 06/23/2012 1:59 am


Rawr~~~!!! ninja

Report | 02/18/2012 6:12 pm


Beautiful art, dear. heart
Purple Fast Doggy

Report | 02/10/2012 1:50 pm

Purple Fast Doggy

your avi is so freaking amazing

Report | 09/11/2011 11:39 pm


Hello again Shugi!

It's been over a year since I've commented you and alot has happened! (lol at my comments bellow)
I obtained a genuine Angelic Halo earlier this year, was falsely banned months after and unbanned 7 months after. >.<

Just wanted to thank you again for being AWESOME!
After everything that has happened to me, I don't know what to do anymore.
I have been looking back at everything that influenced me, and its just really nostalgic to see what's happened to those who loved this site as much as I have.
I hope your doing well!

None the less, I hope you continue whatever it is your doing and hope ah b is doing well as well! heart

Sincerely, Kanaxai


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