Hello pervy motherf*ckers!
Welcome to my profile~.

It's the time for few meaningless words about me, no?
My name is Paula or Paulina, however you want.
My second name is Kei. <3
I'm living in that lovely hole called 'Poland.
As you could notice english is not my native language. Bear with it, hun.
I'm open for new experiences and acquaintances.
Actually, I do fall for people easily. I'm pretty naive, I suppose. lol
I'm getting used to people really fast, so it may be tough for me when things change.
Typically I'm a nice person, but I hate being forced to pretend something I'm not. If I don't like you, you will surely know about it.
And no, you can not be me friend, well unless, you at least have talked to me.
I'm an oversensitive idiot, so better don't mess with my feelings, pwetty pwease?
Remember, I always know when you lie. <3 And I hate it.
I have a tendency to get bored or give up on something pretty fast.
With the speed of light. orz
Homophobs and racist people really know how to decently piss me off.
Also I love sweets. <3 Oh, yes, they're like drugs for me. @_@
Sad, unfortunately true.
There are few important people in my life, that I hold close to my heart and would do absolutely anything in the world for.
They know who they are. <3

I d o n o t b i t e.

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