Hey everyone~
just here getting rid of things I dont want or need anymore..
so really in need of gold right now so I get things off my wish list.
So thank you.


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Kawaii Desu Senpaii

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RIP mother.. [irl]
July 21st 1950 - July 8th 2015.

Sable [my sheltie] Nov 25th 2002 - May 14th 2014

Snowflake [my white cat] June 17th 2004 - March 9th 2017

Dino [ my cream Pomeranian] Jan 25th 2004 - June 15th 2018

Hello all who visits my profile. This is Kawaii Desu Senpaii. I don't like talking about myself.. so rather keep myself an mystery. Most things are my rl name is Amanda , i'm a demisexual female and currently single. currently living in maryland. if you wish to know, you need to get to know me more.

Guess things I like is anime, animals, music and video games like Final Fantasy [tho VII is my fave && FFx], Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon.

PS. I am also an roleplayer too and I like to cosplay on here... sometimes.

Another thing.. I like cute, adorable, kawaii things and pastel colors. SugaryHeart

Menewsha: xPastelBishx

Solia Online: Kawaii Desu Senpaii

IMVU: Guest_KawaiiDesuSenpai

I love random friend requests because I want to meet many people to be their friend~! Only add me if you intend to talk to me. If not.. don't even add me at all.

PS: I do like to creep up on people's profiles from time to time so if it really irks you, then block me because.. i don't care. just means you don't exist to me. : ' )

Discord: Mango#4730 ( if you are going to add me on there, you must be mutuals on here and must message me your user name so i know. or else, i will deny you. )

Deviant art page:


3DS Friend Code: 3110-4463-7605

PSN for vita and PS4: RawrrxPanda

Flash Flash Revolution user name: RawrrxPanda

OSU: RawrrxPanda


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