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Who am I?

Here's a bit to give you an idea:

My Names Ann. Im first a spiritualist and second a Martial artist. This means you lose.
Because anyone who works directly with energy, especially they're own! Who knows how to utilize and Use that energy and is Trained in self defense and Traditional ideals of it , Can be a deadly weapon on feet, If forced to fight or defend. This means I win.

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- I am an honoury Member of Familes:
Clan-Mccowan{ Grandfathers adopted Family My birth name}
Family-Zimmerman{ Step fathers adopted Name, and thus my adopted name}
Clan- Neily/McLeod {Step Fathers Blood line,My grandmothers birth Family}

Blood descendant of:
- Burke {Normandy nobility}
- Clan McCarthy {kerry Corkum Ireland- Old royalty}
- Pothier {Acadian french}

Motto's and Life ethics:

-Love is unconditional, in both lovers, children, and friendship.
-Trust is somthing to be earned , not merely given out.
-Sacrafice the one for the many
-There is always somone bigger.better, and worse then you.


-Yes I am a sub , No I am not yours so I wont bow , or fallow your orders. Perhaps If I had a dom I might if asked by him to do so.

- On a second Note(referr to Point 1 above for referance)I am Officially Collard and and Owned , Thus not Interest In Dom/sub play On the forums.

-Yes I am gothic, Gothic Is merely a choice in view On the general world . And we dress in that view and choice.

-Yes Im Pagan , No I wont Cast a love spell for you , or on you.

- Yes Im socializer , No I dont Like big groups.

-Yes Im a Truth seeker in mythology. no I have not found The truth yet still working on the basics.* smiles*

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Likes and dislikes:

- butterfilies
- Dragon flies
- Big wild Cats
- Anime

-stewed tomatoes
-bright pink
- bees
- hornets
- Scorpians
- Arrogance
- Rudeness
- Liers
- manipulators
- and most times Drama and bullshit

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-K.I.S.S theory" ( only a qoute in regards to Customer service}- " Good customer service is making sure The customer leaves happy even if they came in angry, As long as your happy,Im happy. So lets"" keep this simple Stupid" The less complicated, The better it is for everyone"
- " Fool Me once Shame on you , fool me twice Shame on me"
-"Each forward step we take we leave some phantom of ourselves behind." ~John Lancaster Spalding
-"No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head." ~Terry Josephson
-"I tell you everything that is really nothing, and nothing of what is everything, do not be fooled by what I am saying. Please listen carefully and try to hear what I am not saying." ~Charles C. Finn
-"The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer." ~Edward R. Murrow
-"I am a part of all that I have met." ~Alfred Lord Tennyson
-"Only that in you which is me can hear what I'm saying." ~Baba Ram Dass
-"Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow." ~Aesop
-"We are more often treacherous through weakness than through calculation." ~Francois De La Rochefoucauld
-"I will Write peace on your wings , and you will fly all over the world "-Sadako Sasaki
-"Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it." ~Andre Gide:

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Report | 03/05/2012 8:50 am


like i said we should text and keep in touch

Report | 06/28/2011 10:06 pm


oh i see. well i hope work is ok

Report | 05/29/2011 10:10 pm


just saying hi, havent heard from you
Auric Darkchylde

Report | 02/13/2011 12:46 pm

Auric Darkchylde

where ya at hun and i will join u thought bout if u wanted to go to puzzles or u ignoring me
Khaos Draegen Zakaris

Report | 10/08/2010 4:54 pm

Khaos Draegen Zakaris

hey i saw u on my friend's friends list so i checked out ur profile u seem kool so i waz wondering if u wana be friends

Report | 07/20/2010 9:28 am


You! Entertain me! scream

Report | 06/07/2010 9:54 pm


Thanks for buying

Report | 01/29/2010 6:16 am


How strange, I have no been receiving said calls. oo;
Though, I've been worried about you, too, but probably figured you've been busy with your new man. *smirks*
I've been working a lot, and caught a cold and sore throat. Blah.

Report | 07/07/2009 2:47 am


*smiles* I'm glad you like it hun. *hugs* And glad too that you don't mind it being late.

Report | 05/14/2009 10:39 am


yeah i am a bit. this rp i helped start kicked me out and killed of my characters. asses


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" somwhere between the , The realms of nightmares and dreams, is the place from which my vissions stream "