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HIYA PPL WHO HAVE COME TO STALK ME! ;D my name ish katie thats what u can call me >;O lol nothing else. also i'm am NOT a stalker haha xD btw to ppl who r reading this (hopefully my friends) ILY U ALL FRIENDS I LOBEEE UUUUUUUUUU heart heart

anywho i love techno and rock 1 of meh hobbys is to play video gamess! YAAAA (is a nerd :B) IF U MAKE FUN OF ME U WILL DIE >;O video games r awesome owo lol and I AM NOT EMO >;O i like emos who dont cut themselves lol bi and gay ppl are accepted becuz i lobe them lol. i also love my family ^^ but most of all I LOVE U FRIENDS lol~ i dont like the looks of me so i wont put a pic of me becuz i think i look ugly lol. thats just my point of view xD

too ppl who are reading this STOP STALKIN ME lolol for all those random ppl ;D i dont hate all random ppl i like random ppl lol so just to say I LOVE U RANDOM PPL XD

anywho to end this about me i would like u all too know i love my friends and if anyone hurts them they will get their ace kicked with my toe in their butt :3 just to say ;D lol

PS:BYE PPL I LOVE U LOL heart heart rofl whee

more random things to add, i am 15, im 5'2 and 100lbs. i tend to love friends if they dont stab u in the back. past experiences have lead to me being hurt and not being able to trust many. so if u want to add me at least be kind enough not to hurt me and we'll get along fine. i love techno, vocaloids, rainbows, and more random stuff. i have many ppl who love and care for me they will do anything to keep me not sick, to keep me safe, and i love everyone who does. for the haters out there leave me alone im not bothering u so u shouldnt bother me >=

a pic of me even tho i said i think im ugly = 3=

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hate on me u will be slapped with my fist acrossed ur mouth D<! =w= im fairly loveable when u get to know me and i love hugs nuzzles and random kitty faces =D if u wanna start a convo with me randomly do any face i will do any random face back rofl~. heart enjoy ur day =3


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Chunchunmaru12 Report | 05/03/2012 2:45 pm
^_^ Bye byee heart
Chunchunmaru12 Report | 05/03/2012 2:41 pm
whee lol its okay don't apologize im just really bored and wanna hang out with someone xD
Chunchunmaru12 Report | 05/03/2012 2:29 pm
;~; me soooo boreeeeddd.. </3
Chunchunmaru12 Report | 05/03/2012 2:08 pm
; u ; Hi thereee
kakao talk Report | 04/29/2012 7:51 pm
kakao talk
oh lala
Metal TopHatBomb Report | 04/08/2012 4:43 pm
Metal TopHatBomb
AlphaProspect Report | 04/08/2012 9:24 am
ohai didnt see tou there >w> (cookie)
Kittique Report | 04/08/2012 12:45 am
Omg I love ur sig~~ Whoever drew that is SUPER talented 8D

AlphaProspect Report | 04/07/2012 11:15 pm
o hai, I didnt see you there >w> ~ (cookie)
Wakigo Report | 08/18/2011 5:49 am
BEFORE I TROLL YOU what games? O;


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Made By Kittque aka my sis <3 =3


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kakao talk

omg! it's epic ;D


Best friendy <3 AlphaProspect! =3

These guys are VERY important too me, with out them i dont think i would even be on gaia, there are more friends that help me but im too lazy to type there name to put them on my profile, but to those friends who are on this profile, i thank you so much for being there for me, in whatever i did, and whatever i didnt do. its wrong of me to not mention them on here becus they have done so much for me and half of them i just met them! but thank you guys so much and i love u all <3!

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Dream avi 2.4 mil lol... with only like 4 items T-T PLS HELP ME GET!

ive been hurt to many times to care anymore xD friends or not i still love many people even if they hate me ^^ just inspireing words to those who have been in this situation when u read this on my prof: never let anyone hurt u, even if they were ur closest friend, ur best friend, backstabbers happen, just let that make u get closer to the real friends u actually have <3