About Me

Hey there! Welcome to my profile.

My name is Misha, but you can also call me Katsura or Kat. I'm a 23 year old that's been on Gaia since 2008, when I was 13. (Wow, it's been a while..)

I'm obsessed with mermaids and all things mermaid related. I'm a major fan of fantasy, and play Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. I love to write, draw, sing, knit, sew, craft, etc. I love all things anime, kawaii, and Japanese related as well. I gravitate to pastels and softer hues of colors, but I also love dark combinations as well. I love the mideival time period, and I love fairytales. I'm a furry, a brony, and many other things. I run a YouTube for my various hobbies, and also for animations.

That's all I can think of for now. Don't hesitate to talk to me!