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About me ~~ ♥

Hello there!! ^w^ I'm Katsumi, how are you doing?? ♣

Facts about me:
♥ I'm 24.
♥ I'm from Argentina.
♥ I'm a girl.
♥ I'm bisexual.
♥ I'm studying veterinary medicine.
♥ Spiders scare me.
♥ I'm vegetarian.
♥ I'm learning to play violin.
♥ I like anime, manga and video games.
♥ I love yaoi and gay art in general.
♥ I'm a Sephiroth fan.
♥ I like Louie Von Helson and Stein.

Favourite anime/manga:
* Rurouni Kenshin (anime and manga)
* Kaze to Ki no Uta (yaoi) (anime and manga)
* Ai no Kusabi (yaoi) (anime)
* PetShop of Horrors (manga)
* Hellsing (manga)
* FullMetal Alchemist (manga)
* Naruto (yeah, don't laugh!!) (manga)
* Vassalord (almost yaoi xD) (manga)
* Hunter x Hunter (manga/old anime)

Fav characters from anime/manga/video games:
* Sephiroth from FF7 (game)
* Alucard from Hellsing (manga)
* Saitou from Rurouni Kenshin (manga/anime)
* Louise Hardwich from Absolute Obedience (BL game)
* Durer and Vallewida from Enzai (BL game)
* Gunji from Togainu no Chi (BL game)
* Count D from PetShop of Horrors (manga)
* Orochimaru, Tobi from Naruto (manga/anime)
* Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter (manga/anime)
* Gin from Bleach
* Daken from Dark Avengers, X-men, etc.

I like old games like:
Dungeon Keeper, Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Vampire The Masquarade, Doom.

DONORS!!! <3
Do NOT bother them!!! >w<

Thanks to everyone who's donated to me!! :3 I really appreciate it (sorry for horrible english x3)
Thanks to xuchiha_itachi_sanx for the Ritzy Black Pearl Necklace!! biggrin You're so sweet!! :3
I've been in some Gifting Thread/Charity Thread, so Thanks to all the awesome anonymous benefactors!!! I love you guys <3 And Thanks to Swcuffy from the Charity Thread for the 10k ;3
Thanks to Fun Sized Amy for the Bumping Gift!! :3
Thanks to BarefootWood for the cute Baby Chicky!! <3
Thanks to Chibi^^Shiro for the Chapeau Deminique, S.I.N. Medallion and Chubbi Chicky!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 You're awesome!! ^___^
Thanks to Yuki Hoshika for the Princess Kaguya!!!!!! biggrin <3 That was so nice of you!! You really didn't have too!!! *tackle hugs*
Thanks to Celedeen Kaitou Takarona!! for Raider Shih's Garment!! <3 Now i have that cute patch thanks to you!! You're awesome!!!!! :3 Thanks!! *stares at monitor with stupid grin* x3
Thanks to my good friend Chibi^^Shiro again for that lovely b-day present!!! I love my Nara!!! <3 *glomps Shiro*
Thanks to Celedeen Kaitou Takarona again for the bday gift!!! <3 *dances all around Celedeen's profile* I love the Birthstones!! Now i have one for my bday month!!! biggrin And thanks for the Fresh Grass Skirt!! biggrin I'll have a green avi soon biggrin *keeps dancing*
Thanks to Racheling for 100k for my Celestial Emissary Quest!!!! You're a really generous person, and i appreciate your help so very much!!! heart biggrin biggrin
Thanks to laydeegirl!!!! I seriously don't have words for such a huge generosity!!!!!!!! Thank you sugar!! Thank you SO much!!!!! ~~ heart heart
Thanks to Just_Crazy!!!! biggrin biggrin Thank you so much for your incredible donations toward my Quest!! And not only gold but items *3* biggrin heart You really are an amazing person!! heart heart
Thanks to Pointed Circles for the 75k!!!! biggrin That was wonderful of you!!! whee You've been really helpful to me!!! Thank you very much dear!!! ;3 ♥♥
Thanks to everyone that send me a Valentine's card ^w^ and a gift with it for the event!!! ♥♥ Especially to Sartol!!! ^w^♥♥ You're adorable!!! ;3
Thank you to Chibi^^Shiro again!!!! ^w^♥♥♥ For the Lumiere Noire on my B-day!!! biggrin You're such a great friend!! ^////////^♥
Thank you so much to Eclectic Witch for donating 88193g and a Signal's cape towards my quest to get Kefka's avi ^w^♥ You're simply amazing sweetheart!!! ^w^♥
Thank you very very much to choki_xxcool for donating 2391g, Goldfish drop and Pink magical giftbox for my Kefka quest ♥♥ That wass so wonderful of you!!! ^____^♥
I've been spending lots of time in the CB lately, and i've been participating in lots of random giveaways people do when quitting or just because, so thanks to these gaians for the items and gold: CASTRATION, Fork Me Harder, freakin ree ree, Eci Ice, The Bunny of Doom.
Thanks to my good friend Chibi^^Shiro for the B-day gift, which i failed to see for around 2 months because i never logged in again jaja!! ^^'''' Sorry and thanks darling!! ♥


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Chibi^^Shiro Report | 06/01/2014 4:15 am
wow redface you really made me blush and i'm glad you liked your gift! I really wanted to get him especially for you since he one of the things you like about gaia!
and what are friends are for if not for, if not to support each others likes & obsessions 3nodding

hope you are doing well in your studies, don't overwork yourself too much [although you can really take my word since my exams periods pretty much consist of me living on coffee,
sweets and silly cats pictures on FB, while running away from my responsibilities up till the last minute sweatdrop ]
and hope you'll have more time to speak to me, even on FB messages, to tell me about your studies and your life :3
Chibi^^Shiro Report | 05/15/2014 1:24 pm
hey Katsumi :3 summer is around the corner along with summer vacation!
Mai Kousaka Report | 05/11/2014 5:18 pm
Mai Kousaka
Hi Katsumi! I'm finally back after a long hiatus~ whee

How've you been? Gimme a shout out when you're back! C:
sartol Report | 08/05/2013 6:04 pm
oooh. that's a good paying job. bloody though. Hope you have a strong stomach. I don't, so that'd never be a job for me. I'm the same way, I just go with the flow, make basic threadbare plans so i can change on a dime if it doesn't pan out to be what I wanted (except for going to college, that I went through and it still didn't quite pan out, no car hurts getting a job in my chosen field). Traveling to Europe is expensive, maybe after you've been employed for a while and got money saved up you should go, but ebveryone does love going there.

poo, no skype. and I'm not a big fan of facebook.
Chibi^^Shiro Report | 07/31/2013 11:10 am
what type of new career?

i'm also looking for a summer job myself which is kinda difficult since I really not a people's person and have some health issues that do not allow me to do some physical work & that basically means I can't be a waiteress which is like the #1 job for students around without required experience here :p
Chibi^^Shiro Report | 07/08/2013 11:41 pm
hello ^^! it's summer break here in Israel but I do not get much of a break myself since this also exams time for university/college students but I think I'll have more time to be on gaia this summer compared to last year :3
sartol Report | 07/08/2013 7:01 pm
I'm doing alright. Had an interesting couple of years, moved down a bit south on a whim like thing, stranded here in Virginia USA though. Wanna go back to Minnesota when I can, but that may take up to like, 10 years for me to get a car and all that. Switched eh? So is that surgery for animals or humans?
Also I'm more of a lurker here on gaia. I come and go randomly, so if you have skype you'd have a better chance of catching me.
sartol Report | 07/07/2013 4:36 am
hiya. how's the schooling going?
Emily_4_ever_Mule Report | 07/07/2012 2:56 am
You are welcome! smile
Hahahaha well now u have it! wink heart
Emily_4_ever_Mule Report | 07/07/2012 2:53 am
thx 4 buying!
Love your avi


[i:82abf17c02]"Voy caminando por las calles de noche, no creo que ningún humano sospeche, pensamientos marcianos inundan mi mente, el planeta es mio con todo y su gente"[/i:82abf17c02]
heart heart heart [/align:82abf17c02]


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