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Hey. Katsody, here.

A writer, a nihilist, a gamer, a liar, a dreamer, a musician, but above all else and most unfortunately, human.

I would rather be a cat.

One of the most random collections of ideas you'll ever meet, I promise.

Probably should be in some kind of asylum, but so far I've been successful in suppressing my insanity.

I try, despite appearances.

If I wasn't crazy, I'd probably have killed myself by now.

But thanks to the voices in my head, I'm still here, plaguing your existence with gay, violent, psychotic, and/or (hopefully) humourous stories.

I love looking at pictures of dead bodies, particularly mutilated ones.

And I think the inguinal ligament is the sexiest part of the human body.

I also have a foreign language fetish.

Over and out, Kat

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Ajani Kai Report | 01/08/2013 10:43 am
Ajani Kai
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I miss our RP-ing, I wish we could start another... but I know you must be busy with the start of another school year (unless your done sweatdrop ). Also, I wanted to wish you a wonderful New Year and best wishes on this most wet and rainy (where I live) Tuesday wink

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ShebaLatray Report | 11/21/2012 6:06 pm
I LOVE ur avi!
I saw u in the VIP guild & just had to say so.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Ajani Kai Report | 10/06/2012 11:11 pm
Ajani Kai
Can you hear it...?

Hope the school work is going well for ya. Missin ya on the RP and PM Rp, but I can wait 3nodding
Also, I hope that you've had a great weekend/week and that you have another great day/week ahead!

...the winds of change fill the air.
Ajani Kai Report | 10/02/2012 10:19 pm
Ajani Kai

User Image

Hope everything's going well with the project, believe me I know what it's like having to do it all yourself - but honestly, at least you know you'll get a passing grade! Anyway, missin ya in the Roleplay and PM RP, take care and hope to see ya around some 3nodding
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xromanticxshadowx Report | 10/01/2012 4:24 am
just thought you would find it interesting to know that there is a thrift store in my area called the cats meow, and that is what you called your MP shop ^_^
Ajani Kai Report | 09/27/2012 9:26 pm
Ajani Kai

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So how did the exams go? I hope that you passed! We're missing you in the guild RP and I'm missin the RP Pm's smile Hope to hear from ya soon smile Take care!
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Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 09/23/2012 7:36 pm
That's very simple.
The poll only holds ten options and I didn't know what his name was, if he had one.
Ajani Kai Report | 09/23/2012 1:01 pm
Ajani Kai

User Image

Just sending some heart
Still waiting for the continuation of the RP, but I know your busy with school and stuff. I'll be on during the evenings, but only a short while. Just letting ya know because of work and all. I'll be on (CST) 11p-1a most likely. if you PM me before or after that time I'll try to quickly respond ASAP.

Also, heart Take care 3nodding
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The Fat Little Muffin Report | 09/20/2012 8:17 am
The Fat Little Muffin
Awww thank you emotion_kirakira
Omnipotent Defenestrator Report | 04/29/2012 1:48 pm
Omnipotent Defenestrator
Thank you ^-^