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I sometimes have cheap clothing, so if you're new, i might have something for you!
(yay, I rhymed!)((please pm me if you want a specific tattoo, I am out of blue and red but still have some black(4), yellow(1), brown(3), and gold(1)))


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I love felines, and Final Fantasy is freakin awesome, and all music except for country, hip-hop, and rap is freakin awesome. I love food, not in a stuff myself way, but in a connoisseur way, I especcially like salmon locks and brie, which is a type of cheese. Just to let you know, even though you can probably tell because of the nerdiness of my profile, I'm a guy, because I can't edit certain things about my profile page and I accidentally deleted the avatar window. Also, I'm sometimes on the advice forums and things like that, so please don't assume that I can't act mature because of my profile.

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Ask A Ninja Question 18 "Minjas"

Chocobo Song Remix

Charlie the Unicorn

Peter's Burger King Song


Hi, Ummmm, I like video games..... and cats........
and cheese......
and anime and manga...