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''Life is like a book, each word is like a day, each page is like a month, each chapter is a year, and each Story is a lifetime."

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KATIE'S PROFILE!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Hello everyone This is Katie :] Im 14 years old (my b-day is April 19th)

I have many wonderful friends that i love im sorry if i have like been pissed at for you for no reason (ive done that to alot of ppl) Im just going through alot stressful crap right now so like please forgive me. I don't have many great friends in RL but here are the best ones Casey, Kimberly, Noelle, and Lindsey. (no order?)

I am a chorus geek (at least i can admit it) Im not very pretty. I can be a major b***h without even trying.

Music is like my life I love Nevershoutnever, BOTDF, Owl City, Search the City, Hit The Lights, Metro Station, Hey Monday, and The Medic Droid my favorite songs are Happy, Shes got style, Miss Bipolar, Fscene8, How do you love me now, Homecoming, Control, The Start Of something, and Many Many More. I sing way to much, and dont' be surprised if i randomly start saying--> lalala :3

I don't like to label myslef or others. I make way to many typos. I have Trust Problems (sometimes). Im am completely for Gay rights and gay marrige love is love no matter who you love. I am an Aries. I am way to stubborn. I talk to much sometimes. Ima dreamer. I write stories and songs for fun.

I am Katie

(thats the real me...well mostly...if you wanna know more ask me) smile

<3 Katie*~