hi! my name is katie luna and I'm still just seven little dogs stacked on top of eachother in a trench coat!


I crowd cb and art freebies, so that's where you've probably seen me if ever.
User Image[p.s if I've ever given you a freeb, I probably have like, a larger hi-res version of it somewhere! so like if you want that or need any files cause of broken links, I got it! even if I drew it f*cking years ago, I keep everything]

I basically never post to tumblr, but if you want, here is me art blog classified_northkittenstar

I add everyone who adds me, so feel free to shoot me a request! mi friendlist es su friendlist etc. etc.

and mi inbox is always open, I'm a friendly person and I'll prolly even draw you something if you ask nicely lol

okay and like just for reference, here is the photobucket where I uploaded all my art freebies for
years. like, photobucket is broken now gomenasai, I'm switching to imgur but like everything I ever drew
is in that photobucket. so uh......here that is!
(✖‿✖; )