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To be blessed with such friends that support you all the way...
To have a life with a loving family.

To be able to roam around the paths of normal and ordinary humans, that were created by the likings of our creator.
To have the opportunity to study well education and socialize with special and unique beings..

Walking among the earth to find your true happiness..
Striving for the life you wanted since you were a child..

Fantasizing over your hobbies and interests, Planning through your enmity and predicament, Stopping time in your own realm and seeing things as you like through your circular abysses..
Comprehending everything within your grasp and molding everything to your taste.

Will someone protest? Will someone be in your favor?

Or will you welcome your end, which by no means have been your savior?

*giggles* Humans, such we're such foolish creatures.. Comprehending the happy end disguised by a fiend, with our own naive gestures.

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"The only people who will alter our own endings.. are ourselves."

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I'm KatiaSui and this is my profile.


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KatiaSui's undescribeable/intolerable idiotic writings

What's a header? I'm sorry I'm new about this and my sister along with the summer heat is irritating me like crazy. Plus, I just came back after about a 2 year long of absence.. A lot has changed since then.

A brief description huh.. I don't exactly know where this goes, if it would describe the whole entries from here on out or just this one right here.. I'm confused, well, this tells that what you like to write about, so.. Writing about my thoughts in



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Awesome signature- No, -Profile!
Love you, Cuz. Haha, see you around! Your writing skills are finally awakening! biggrin

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Happy birthday

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you r so very wellcom

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happy day before your birthday
Spark Reeve

Report | 04/02/2010 4:19 am

Spark Reeve

Aw, don't worry about it. Nothing wrong with speaking your mind, eh?

(The thing on my profile, by the way, is all just a joke. XD)
iDeath the Kidd

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iDeath the Kidd

I'm online, just on another account.
iNihon is my other account.
Devetive Kyo

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Devetive Kyo

yes i am


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"Everything will cease to exist if we don't tolerate the pacifism of those who strive for peace."