all about a hoe.! <3

october 10th is when i took my first breath. i have blonde hair nd hazel eyes. blonde moments come naturally to me. lol. im irish, italian, indian, nd much more. lol. im currentlyy single BUT yer welcome to change tht. im the type of person tht uses their heart to think not their brain. lol. if tht makes sense. im a really cool person if yu get to knoe me...but if yu choose to immediatelyy judge me nd not get to knoe me...ur loss. i will admit i can be a b***h but thts only if yer like tht to me. so ya. but everybody has there ups nd downs rite..? i like to shop at american eagle, target, aeropostile, hollister, nd abercrombie. my favorite colors are blue, green, pink, nd purple. i hate drama. if yu've got something to sayy bout me, sayy it to myy face not behind my back. i think if yu dont have the courage to sayy something to my face, dont sayy it at all. iight..? lol. i love to hang out with friends nd go to the movies. well to start off my parents are divorced but i get to see my mom every other week nd same with my dad. my mom, step dad, nd brother are the greatest ppl alive. [along with all my amazeing friends]. my friends are my life. yu guys are awsome. i have a cell phone so if yu want my number just ask nd ill give it to yu. i have three addictions, lol, theyy are starbucks, my phone, nd the computer. i love my life. well kinda. lol. it gets hard going back nd forth from house to house but i guess it doesnt matter because if yu love someone enough yull find a wayy to see them. but ya soooo btw;; i love ppl who leave me comments/nd messages. so if yu wanna b a loved one. do one of those three things. lol. im no dr. phil but if yu ever need someone to talk to, im ALWAYYS here nd willing to help yu in anyy wayy possible. well thts it for now. lol. love yu guyys nd if yu read this whole proud of yu..! lol thnxx i really appreciate it. peace..!<33