Name: Kate
Age: _ _
Sex: (Not with you) Female
All I need is my BooBoo.
Occupation: Mechanic
Soon to be Driving:2500HD Black Lifted Ram

I am a moody girl, I don't like 95% of the people in this world.
Don't come to me with your problems because really, I don't give a ********.
I'm a done college. Trades school. Working for dodge yet again!! But love my dodge brand. I do have a busy life, and a life from gaia.

I am a hard-head b***h. That doesn't take drama. Anything you do to piss me off I will ignore you.

Warning: Touch Boo and I will use your skull and spine as a lamp.

My Gaia Character: A bat demon with the power of shape shifting.
Like: both male and female(mainly used for food) She is mated to a Demon. Likes to lurk in the darkness, trees and high up places.
Dislikes: most females (preppy, twits, stupid girls), most new people.

PM me with Questions.
I am on Second Life...ask to chat there if you wish, same name as my gaia name get lost

My store~!!

gaia_nitemareleft Welcome to my store gaia_nitemareright
Feel free to pm me with a offer or gold or items
If it is a item please make sure it is at par with the price i have
No Item that is decreasing.

Do Not send a PM with a Low Ball answer
I am in college and working so give me about 24-48 hours to answer
If you do pm me and make me a offer please remember that if you buy from someone different
to pm me and left me know.
Also if you wish to buy something from me and I have a lower offer, pm me.. don't just send me a trade

All Trades Much Be Labelled!

Please stop by anytime


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Sessaru Sardanik

I am NEVER on herePM me and ill answer when i get online