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*Warning: Lots of random (And probably useless) information*

Robyn --- Chaos
Hair and eye colors:
Blonde and bright blue.
Fav color:
Dark reds, purples and black..even though it's not exactly a color. xD
Taken! GTFO.
When did I truly start Gaia?!:
A friend told me about Gaia in mid-2003. I couldn't get into it though, I found it a bit boring. >_>; But I ended up coming back in early early 2004 and I've pretty much logged in almost daily since then. ((With a few short breaks here and there. *Ninja*))
I also used up the name changes like an idiot on that account....before a year even passed. And guess what, I wanted another new name. xD So ever since then I've stuck with this account and this name. o.o;

Music tastes:
Metal ((Heavy, power, doom, gothic, black, progressive, melodic (power and death), symphonic, some thrash and speed)) and a little bit of the harder American stuff. Also J-rock/pop and electronica/dance/darkwave.

Lady Gaga is a guilty pleasure, I admit it! D: <3

Action, Romance, Comedy ((But not stupid pointless dumbass comedy such as the "Scary Movies" wink )

Inception is my favorite movie. <3
Most horror films. Omg. I get scared so easily. t.t

Video games:
RPG's, street racing, very few sports games.
Fav games: Chaos Legion ((<333333333~)), FF9 ((YES!!! I'm one of the few people who love that game more than 7)), Zelda OOT/Minish Cap/Twilight Princess, Fable, TES IV: Oblivion, World of Warcraft, Xenosaga series, Heavy Rain, Paper Mario o.o; & Pokemon. ((Yes, you read that right. Let me show you my Pokemans!))
Currently playing:
Small break before FF 13-2
Future Plays:
FF 13-2! The demo has me excited.

Quit August 2010. Never going back!
[Kressara] [80 Draenei] [Restoration Shaman] - [Main]
- [Jewelcrafting/Inscription]
[Katalique] [80 Draenei] [Blood Death Knight] - [Alt]
- [Herbalism/Mining]
[Kotori] [77 Draenei] [Frost Mage] - [Alt]
- [Tailoring/Enchanting]
[Thorium Brotherhood]
Currently Doing What?
Enjoying my freedom!

Possibly active in the future.
[Kressara] [Elyos] [Cleric]
[Katalique] [Elyos] [Scorcerer]
Currently Doing What?
Playing console games. Waiting to see Guild Wars 2.

Other Hobbies and Interests
I started playing MTG summer 2010. I prefer vampire decks, and I'm not very good but whatever! I have fun and like collecting all the cards. ^^;

I am currently on the fourth book of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. I highly recommend reading them if you enjoy fantasy novels! I am also reading the re-printed Sailor Moon manga and re-watching the entire anime series for the fourth time in my life. AND finally I'm reading the Vampire Knight manga. <3

How many pets does Chaos have?:
Three cats. <3
What are their names?:
Sylvester, Kitten ((Seriously. We couldn't think of a name fast enough. And he got used to being called Kitten. xD)) and Rosco.
What do they look like?:
The first two are black&white while Rosco is a....we're not sure. Flame Point coloring but Siberian fur. Orange/Cream and very pretty!
How old are they?:
10 years, 9 years and 6 years.

I had to give Shakira away. t.t I had no choice, my mother was getting fed up with her. But I'll always love her. She was my first cat and she'll always be special to me.

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Cute Quiz Things

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My Dæmon - Araphon the Raven

Modest, solitary, inquisitive, relaxed and spontaneous.

The raven pose from the Summoning Tome is perfect, don't you think? x3 <3

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A special thank you to Forty Winks and Hero Onatomay for all the wonderful gifts. o: <3333 Much love!

Super uber love to Forty Winks for the birthday gifts! Especially the Boa, gawd I love it~ <3333333

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Forty Winks

Indeed it does! :]
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Forty Winks

Totally just noticed your name change. It threw me for a loop for a second there! XD

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thnk u for tha purchase
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I will have to punch Gaia's notifications for you! scream
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Ahhhhhhhh, thank you! <3
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Thank ya, ma'am! 8D

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Thank you SOO Much hun!
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Never! I will never hate you. >:[
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You should stop by the guild sometime... *sniff* I'll... I'll let you enter the lottos and everything... I miss you! *cries*

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You're quite deliciously evil looking right now. X3


New name! Formerly BrokenChaos.