A sad sad story

A New Student (boy) comes and meets the girl of his dreams....The girl would never tell...Boy:HeyGirl:Hi....Boy: Are you busy tonight?Girl: Yeah busy beeBoy:Well...*sigh* See you laterGirl:ByeThey were in the marketGirl: Hey!Boy: Huh? Oh Hey!Girl:Fancy meeting you here...Boy: yeah *half way smile*A sudden voice says : THIS IS A ROBBERY HANDS UP!Boy and girl put them up and the robber grabs thegirl and holds her at gunpoint.Voice: Don't anyone move! Or The girl gets it!The boy charged at the guy knocking the girland gun down.The robber grabs the gun and shoots at the boy.Girl: NO!!!!! I CAN'T BELIVE YOU!!!She screamed and grabbed the gun and shot the guy.The boy went to the hospital....The next day...Girl: Is he ok?Friend: His in the hospital,they say his making a recovery,but can't open his eyes....Girl: I can't belive this!Friend: Yeah I'm sorry....(Bell rings)Girl: See yaThe girl goes to the hospital and sees the boy.His eyes close,but his mouth moveBoy: Who's here?He said stronglyGirl:It's meBoy: Your here?Girl: YeahThe boy slowly open his eyes.Boy: Before I die I wanted to see you.Tell you what I want to say I--Girl: Your not gonna die! You can't! You won't!Boy: *frowns* I will and I wanted to sayI love you I always will I'll watch you too!-Silence-Girl has tearBoy wipes it off.Boy: Good-bye-Beeper goes off-Girl: NO!!2 days later they found the girldead with a knife in her heart.Her mother heard her say"Here I come"What really happend wasshe missed him andcouldn't stand it.She couldn't love anyonelike him.If you would die to saveyour love post this to yourprofile