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01 - Slytherin or Hufflepuff?
02 - Ravenclaw or Gryffindor?
03 - Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?
04 - Gryffindor or Slytherin?
05 - Ravenclaw or Slytherin?
06 - Hufflepuff or Gryffindor?
07 - Harry Potter or Ronald Weasley?
08 - Hermione Granger or Luna Lovegood?
09 - Seamus or Neville?
10 - Dean Thomas or Lee Jordan?
11 - Fred or George?
12 - Arithmancy or Transfiguration?
13 - Potions or Arithmancy?
14 - Ancient Runes or Astronomy?
15 - Seeker or Beater?
16 - Chaser or Keeper?
17 - Green or Silver?
18 - Arithmancy or History of Magic?
19 - Gold or Scarlet?
20 - Blue or Bronze?
21 - Beater or Keeper?
22 - Yellow or Black?
23 - Arithmancy or Divination?
24 - Won Won or Lav Lav?
25 - Harry & Ginny or Ron & Hermione?
26 - Care of Magical Creatures or Transfiguration?
27 - Seeker or Chaser?
28 - Snape or McGonagall?
29 - Arithmancy or Astrology?
30 - Flitwick or Sprout?
31 - Charms or Transfiguartion?
32 - Filch or Umbridge?
33 - HBP or SS/PS?
34 - Arithmancy or Care of Magical Creatures?
35 - GOF or COS?
36 - POA or OOTP?
37 - The Books or The Movies?
38 - Arithmancy or Defense Againse the Dark Arts?
39 - COS or POA?
40 - Care of Magical Creatures or Herbology?
41 - SS/PS or COS?
42 - Dobby or Winky?
43 - Charms or Arithmancy?
44 - Kreacher or Dobby?
45 - COS or OOTP?
46 - Lumos or Nox?
47 - Ancient Runes or Herbology?
48 - SS/PS or POA?
49 - Defense Against the Dark Arts or Transfiguration?
50 - COS or HBP?
51 - Sirius or Lupin?
52 - Arithmancy or Ancient Runes?
53 - Lupin or Snape?
54 - SS/PS or GOF?
55 - James or Lily?
56 - History of Magic or Ancient Runes?
57 - Avada Kadavra or Crucio?
58 - Imperio or Avada Kadavra?
59 - Herbology or Arithmancy?
60 - Crucio or Imperio?
61 - A Spell or A Potion?
62 - Crabbe or Goyle?
63 - Muggle Study or Ancient Runes?
64 - Karkaroff or Maxime?
65 - Care of Magical Creatures or Divination?
66 - Moody or Slughorn?
67 - Bellatrix or Narcissa?
68 - Arithmancy or Muggle Study?
69 - Lucius or Severus?
70 - Draco or Harry?
71 - Transfiguration or Divination?
72 - Bill or Charlie?
73 - Ginny or Hermione?
74 - Ancient Runes or Charms?
75 - Cat or Owl?
76 - Dragons or Snakes?
77 - Grindylows or Kappas?
78 - Transfiguration or Ancient Runes?
79 - Vampires or Banshees?
80 - Dementors or Boggarts?
81 - Werewolves or Hinkypunks?
82 - Care of Magical Creatures or Ancient Runes?
83 - Scabbers or Crookshanks?
84 - Fang or Fluffy?
85 - Histroy of Magic or Astronomy?
86 - Bludger or Snitch?
87 - Quaffle or Bludger?
88 - Charms or Divination?
89 - Snitch or Quaffle?
90 - Cauldron or Wand?
91 - Wizards or Muggles?
92 - Potions or Ancient Runes?
93 - Wizarding Chess or Muggle Chess?
94 - Blast-ended Skrewts or Merpeople?
95 - Invisibility Cloak or Polyjuice Potion?
96 - History of Magic or Potions?
97 - Extendable Ears or Dungbombs?
98 - Ghosts or Goblins?
99 - Apparation or Floo Powder?
100 - Defense Against the Dark Arts or Ancient Runes?
101 - Horocrux or Howler?
102 - Lunascope or Marauder's Map?
103 - Potions or Astronomy?
104 - Mirror of Erised or the Philosopher's Stone?
105 - Chocolate Frogs or Berttie Bott's Every Flavour Jelly Beans?
106 - Transfiguration or Astronomy?
107 - Omnioculars or penknife?
108 - History of Magic or Herbology?
109 - Pensieve or Occulamency?
110 - Care of Magical Creatures or Potions?
111 - Quick-Quotes Quill or Self-Inking Quill?
112 - History of Magic or Defense Against the Dark Arts?
113 - Smart-Answer Quill or Spell-Check Quill?
114 - Herbology or Transfiguration?
115 - Phoenixes or Unicorns?
116 - Revealer or Remembrall?
117 - Charms or Potions?
118 - Mudblood or Pureblood?
119 - Muggle Study or Defense Agaisnt the Dark Arts?
120 - Spellotape or Time Turner?
121 - Transfiguration or History of Magic?
122 - Butterbeer or Pumpkin Juice?
123 - Muggle Study or Herbology?
124 - Eggnog or Cherry Syrup and soda with ice and an umbrella?
125 - Potions or Divination?
126 - Triwizard Tournament or Quidditch?
127 - Horseback Head Juggling or Head Polo?
128 - History of Magic or Care of Magical Creatures?
129 - Half-blood or Mudblood?
130 - Belch Powder or Hiccup Sweets?
131 - Defense Against the Dark Arts or Potions?
132 - Fanged Frisbees or Whizzing Worms?
133 - Zonko'a Wizarding Joke Shop or Weasley's Wizard Wheezes?
134 - Muggle Study or Care of Magical Creatures?
135 - Loony Loopy Lupin or Potter Wee Potter?
136 - Squib or Muggle?
137 - Herbology or Potions?
138 - Forge or Gred?
139 - Charms or Defense Against the Dark Arts?
140 - The-Boy-Who-Scored or The Chosen One?
141 - Prongs or Padfoot?
142 - Transfiguration or Muggle Study?
143 - Moony or Wormtail?
144 - Half-Blood or Pureblood?
145 - Wormtail or Prongs?
146 - Muggle Study or Potions?
147 - Prongs or Moony?
148 - Moony or Padfoot?
149 - Padfoot or Wormtail?
150 - Defense Against the Dark Arts or Care of Magical Creatures?
151 - Snivellus or Snuffles?
152 - Auror or Obliviator?
153 - Unspeakable[/b[ or Hit Wizard?
154 - Transfiguration or Potions?
155 - Knight Bus or Hogwarts Express?
156 - Sherbert Lemon or Lemon Drop?
157 - Charms or Divination?
158 - Fizzing Whizbee or Cockroach Cluster?
159 - Pine Fresh or Fortuna Major?
160 - Astronomy or Muggle Study?
161 - Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley?
162 - Herbology or Charms?
163 - Godric's Hollow or The Burrow?
164 - Azkaban Fortress or Hogwarts?
165 - Knockturn Alley or Diagon Alley?
166 - Divination or Astronomy?
167 - Number 12 Grimmauld Place or Malfoy Mansion?
168 - Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions or Gladrags Wizardwear?
169 - History of Magic or Charms?
170 - Portkey or Apparation?
171 - Asphodel or Devil's Snare?
172 - Care of Magical Creatures or Astronomy?
173 - Fluxweed or Gillyweed?
174 - Defense Agaisnt the Dark Arts or Divination?
175 - Mandrake or Mallowsweet?
176 - Wolfsbane or Wormwood?
177 - Defense Against the Dark Arts or Astronomy?
178 - Seer or Metamorphmagus?
179 - Parselmouth or Animagus?
180 - Muggle Study or Charms?
181 - Legilimens or Occlumens?
182 - Divination or History of Magic?
183 - Moaning Myrtle or Nearly-Headless Nick?
184 - Astronomy or Charms?
185 - Room of Requirement or Mirror of Erised?
186 - Hand of Glory or Opal Necklace?
187 - Vanishing Cabinet or Poisonous Candles?
188 - Defense Against the Dark Arts or Herbology?
189 - Human Fingernails or Shrunken Heads?
190 - Muggle Study or History of Magic?
191 - Cedric or Viktor?
192 - Astronomy or Herbology?
193 - Fleur or Ginny?
194 - Muggle Study or Divination?
195 - The Basalisk or Aragog?
196 - Care of Magical Creatures or Charms?
197 - Centaurs or Giants?
198 - Pigwidgeon or Hidwig?
199 - Divination or Herbology?
200 - Dumbledore or Voldemort?

By: [sdrawkcab]ATTRACTION

SS/PS-Sorcer's Stone/Philosepher's Stone (Book 1)
COS-Chamber of Secrets (Book 2)
POA-Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3)
GOF-Gobilet of Fire (Book 4)
OOTP-Order of the Pheonix (Book 5)
HBP-Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)
Bolded Words-Ones I chose

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Whoa Oh! (Me vs Everyone)
By: Forever the Sickest Kids

I candy-coat and cover everything
but I'm still hiding underneath
It's been a long time,
It's been a long time
A thousand faces looking up at me
hands all pointing to the ceiling
Oh what a feeling

I've got friends in highly low places
I'm standing on post, and im posted up
cant afford to lose them
I've got friends and highly low places
i'll go inside when I wanna party
Grab a girl and dance (don't touch me)

Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
Why do I put myself in these situations
Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
I keep pushing myself even though
I can't take it at all, whoa

Girl, who taught you how to move like that?
at this pace you're at you're moving way too fast
I, I saw you from across the room
It's me vs. every guy
It's your choice, you choose

I've got friends in highly low places
it's been a long time it's been a long time
and maybe baby you can rise above the rest to meet me

Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
Why do I put myself in these situations
Whoa Whoa oh Whoa oh,
I keep pushing myself even though
I can't take it at all
Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
Why do I put myself in these situations
Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
I keep pushing myself even though
I can't take it at all,

You're worth,
losing my self esteem
Your clever words mean
nothing more to me than
than a line i heard in a movie
You're worth,
losing my losing my losing my self esteem
You're not worth,
putting myself in these situations

Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
Why do I put myself in these situations
Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
I keep pushing myself even though
I can't take it at all
Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
Why do I put myself in these situations
Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
I keep pushing myself even though
I can't take it at all

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I am writing this essay today, on the 5th of June, as my detention that I am serving due to my tomfoolery and lack of maturity. I swear on the grave of Salazar Slytherin that I will not attempt these dangerous and unamusing antics ever again as long as I remain in the halls of Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry.

1. I am not to tell Professor Snape to "turn that frown upside down, and you get a beautiful smile".
2. I am not to refer to Fred and George Weasley as "Thing 1" and "Thing 2", respectively.
3. I am not to use anyone's wands in a game of "Pick up Sticks". Nor am I to start a game of "I'll mix your wands up and see if you can identify them."
4. I am not to dress up the statues in undergarments, muggle jewelry, or paint "Grills" on their teeth.
5. Ties are to be worn around the neck, not used as weapons or slingshots.
6. It is unnecessary for me to scream "Be gone!" when I use the Banishing charm. Nor is it necessary for me to screech, "Come to me!" when I use the Summoning charm.
7. I am not to convince first years that "toe of a firstie" is a main ingredient in Potions. Nor am I to do the same with second years.
8. The Sorting hat is not an accessory. Nor is it appropriate to bribe the Sorting Hat.
9. I am not to imitate Moaning Myrtle whenever someone flushes a toilet.
10. I am to take Death Eaters seriously, and not use the phrase "Posers!!! All of you!!!" when they're around. Nor am I to refer to them as "Fashion clones."
11. Making fake dragon eggs and selling them to Hagrid is not acceptable.
12. I am not to refer to Draco Malfoy as "a little boy who just needs a hug".
13. I shall not refer to smaller students as "My little pretties" in a cackling voice.
14. I am not to try to build a large gingerbread house in the Dark Forest. Nor am I allowed to try to lure small children into it.
15. Whistling the Jeopardy song is not necessary when Professor McGonagall is asking me a question. Nor am I to answer, "Could you repeat that in Mermish?"
16. I am not to give Neville Longbottom fake passwords.
17. (Borrowed from call.us.crazy) There is not, nor was there ever, a fifth house at Hogwarts. Nor am I in that house or the founder of it.
18. I am not to imitate the Durmstrang accent, nor I am to use it while saying, "I am a wiper. I want to wipe your windows," replacing the "w" with the "v" sound.
19. I am not to sing "Grease" when Professor Snape shakes his head.
20. Because I am not Veela, I will not attempt their dance or attacks.
21. I am not to tell Moaning Myrtle, or any of the other ghosts for that matter, to "Get a life".
22. I am not to start a "Who can blow up their cauldron first" contest in Potions class.
23. I am not to gasp loudly and/or swoon dramatically when Ron Weasley uses the phrase "Bloody hell."
24. After the house-elves have waxed the floor, I am not to engage in a game of "Slip and Slide".
25. I am not to point randomly at the ground during a Quidditch match and scream, "The snitch!!!"
26. (borrowed for Call.us.crazy.) I am not to tease Remus Lupin about his "time of the month."
27. I am not to challenge Moaning Myrtle to a blinking or breathing contest.
28. During the holidays, I am not to suggest to the first years to decorate the Whomping Willow.
29. I am not to start a signing telegram business and then deliver them to the wrong people. 30. I am not to explode more than 5 dungbombs consecutively at the eating table, nor am I to convince others that it is a chocolate covered egg, and perfectly edible.
31. When my Hello Kitty keychain is missing, I am not to tie up students to a chair and interrogate them with Lumos.
32. I am not to paint a mustache, goatee, or horns on the Fat Lady.
33. When the stairs change, it is unnecessary for me to sink to my knees, wailing in agony, and/or scream, "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"
34. It is unnecessary for me to go to the Halloween Ball dressed as a Basilisk, nor is it appropriate to stun people and say that it's "part of the costume".
35. I am not to use the Floo System to play a game of "Ultimate Tag".
36. I am not to refer to Professor McGonagall as "G-girl", "Mickey", or "M-Dogg".
37. I am not to set up the teachers on random blind dates.
38. I am not to replace the Golden Snitch with the "Golden Bludger".
39. When seeing a Hufflepuff, it is not necessary to yell, "I shall huffle, I shall puffle, and I shall BLOW your house in!!!"
40. I am not to throw buckets of water on random girls to wee if they will melt.
41. I am not to give my owl a bubble bath in Professor Dumbledore's pensieve. The Pensieve also does not need to be washed with the other dishes.
42. I am not to pretend to speak Parseltongue to creep people out, nor am I to release poisonous snakes in the school grounds to see if I can control them.
43. I am not to recite witch burning stores to first years at night.
44. I am not to sing "Do you believe in Magic" and encourage others to sing along.
45. I am not to wear "Promote Deatheater Welfare" badges.
46. Muggle air conditioning should not be replaced with "freezing random objects".
47. I am not to use the Banishing charm to get rid of my vegetables, nor am I to use the Accio charm to summon the last slice of pie.
48. "Oh my Godric!" (used in an unnaturally high voice) Does not count as a suitable curse.
49. I am not to refer to Salazar Slytherin as "Silly Sally".
50. During free period, it is unwise to spend all of my time trying to come up with something that rhymes with Professor Dumbledore's last name.
51. I am not to use the Impedimento curse to make my enemies late for class.
52. I am not to give orthodontic counseling to Neville Longbottom and Marcus Flint.
53. The "Sparkle Charm" (shooting random sparkles out of my wand) doesn't count as an actual charm.
54. I shall not refer to Lord Voldemort as "Little old Voldie".
55. I am not to try to convert Hermione Granger into a "girly girl".
56. When I have a cold, I am not to Transfigure the nearest thing into a tissue box, be it a student or teacher.
57. (borrowed from Call.us.crazy) I am not to lock Slytherins and Gryffindors into a room and make bets on who comes out alive.
58. I am not to use the telescopes in Astronomy to examine someone's nose hair.
59. I am not to feed the Giant Squid on enlarging potions.
60. I am no longer allowed to make Sirius/serious puns.



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