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Well, Would you look at that huh?

Hey there guys and gals. My name is Christy, but you can call me Flax or it or she. Doesn't really matter anymore.

I'm 16. Not really afraid to show my age, I live in South Texas and I cosplay! For about 3-4 years I've been cosplaying but never really seriously got into it like I am now! My obsession right now is Attack on Titan or Shingeki No Kyojin! I also Roleplay from different Animes/Shows/Comics etc. So hit me up on PM!

That's pretty much all I have to say. and if you're wondering my sexuality or some sh*t like that. I'm Pansexual... yaddya yaddya.

So is this where I say bye...?

okay bye.


Art for me:
[x] [x]

Kasuri Katana Kokoro

Tangled In The Great Escape

Kasuri Katana Kokoro

Thanks for coming!