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Hi and welcome to my profile!
You can call me Kasumi. Nice to meet you.

A few things about me:
I loosely follow The Daisy Code Daisy Code

I love to role play and I first learned how to on Gaia Online. I’ve been making stories with others ever since. 2008 to current. Though I’ve been cutting back lately so as not to be overwhelmed. I’m a literate rper and my posts usually end up being medium to large. I usually post a few days a week.

My favourite types of rps are the neighborhood variants! Families, orphanages, daycares, adoption centers and more. Often with a fantasy twist. I love fantasy and magic. Mermaids, fairies, dragons, and so much more.

I live in Queensland, Australia.

I’m a sensitive, kind and caring person. I’m very open minded. But I don’t put up with BS.

I have physical and mental health issues. But I try not to let them stop me from enjoying life.

I’m an ABDL, that is, someone who enjoys wearing and using adult diapers and acting like a baby for fun and relaxation. That might seem strange but to each their own. I love my lifestyle!

I also like emeto fanfiction and fan art. Basically it’s a variant of hurt/comfort where the characters are sick and pukey instead of regular types of hurt.

I’m young at heart and rather childish. My physical and mental ages don’t match.

I’m on the autism spectrum but not formally diagnosed yet. Per my psychiatrist.

I love felines, cute things, yummy things and pretty things!

I love the breedable/changing pets shops on Gaia. I’m trying to get into some of the newer ones. It’s fun to grow characters through rping and receive art of their growth stages.

My favourite b/c shops are all dead. The GMFC, The Cabbage Patch, The Curio Shop, The Interplanetary Criminal Relocation Service, Double Trouble Fertility, D-Corp, basically all the ones where you raise magical or otherworldly children to adulthood. Still fun to read journals.

I love art. I get excited over art and love browsing DeviantArt, Twitter and Google for fan art and OCs. I also love to commission art from my favourite artists. Payment plans are my friend.

I love anime and manga, as well as some more traditional shows and comics. Fandoms I’m into are ‘Momma CQ’ and ‘Worldview’ by Alaina Prana, The Bat family and Nightwing, Undertale and its many AUs and Sans-es and Homestuck. I also love Rugrats and cute anime babies.


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My Rambling Roses - beware of the thorns and the mutated ones! biggrin

This journal is full of things that I find fun, sweet, nice or interesting, plus other bits and pieces that seem like they should be put in! ^_^ It's full of my thoughts, feelings and whatever pops into my head.


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Smashedcookie Report | 10/01/2022 10:35 pm
I'm checking Sammie out! He has a lot of kittens lol

I haven't hear news about the coast of Mexico but probably they have. Is la niña affecting your wheater directly, right now?

No, I guess I'm pretty slow too... I get too distracted on Gaia. I was mean to be here for a couple of hours but it's been 4 and a half lol I just realized it when I saw your reply. Mostly because I was watching pro gaming videos 4laugh I found a youtuber that seems like a aim-bot for how good he is. Also, I'll reply to the RP today and to your messages tomorrow.

I hope your depression and your tummy haven't given you any problems today and you are enjoying your self with your kitten children =^-^=

I forgot to mention you, I got a couple of baby changeling pacifiers, if you need them I can gift them to you biggrin
Smashedcookie Report | 10/01/2022 2:42 am
I like that you are super concerned with every being. I really hope they'd do something to rescue the habitat of the animals, I'd love to volunter for that! Maybe I should volunter for this in my country at least! We also felt that hurricane in Mexico. The storms came over and over sweatdrop

Ahh I don't know how you write so fast! It took me hours but I replied our DM haha, now I'm going to reply in the guild ^w^
Smashedcookie Report | 10/01/2022 12:46 am
Hii kitten cat_whee

Nice to know you've been keep informed about all the events of the world. Yes, theres unfortunately many people suffering because of political ambitions in Ukraine and in China/HongKong. There's a lot of violence in these places and generally people forget about animals but they are the innocent victims too. crying

Rest well today and I hope you get that cute Gif... I can't believe it's Saturday already omg sad I need to start studying. I'll try to reply to the RP's today biggrin
Smashedcookie Report | 09/30/2022 10:23 am
Hii biggrin

Yeah it's good if you find friends or a helpful native to practice with because you don't feel preasure to speak perfectly. I learned my languages by talking to people, even though I still make a lot of mistakes I'm at a point where I feel at easy expressing my thoughts and when that happens it's amazing!

I wish you good luck in your journey, especially with Japanese. Talking about the "thinking" process you get to explore certain aspects of the cultures and their way of seeing things and life attitudes exclusive of these cultures, and that's fascinating for remote cultures like the one(s) in Japan.

Btw I'm feeling super tired today... I spend too much time modifying a signature but I'll tell you everything tomorro in the PM. Your avi is cute as always <3 who knew a cute baby can be so stylish in that many outfits whee
Smashedcookie Report | 09/29/2022 5:27 pm
your words are encouraging as well biggrin good luck with your languages!

If you are really serious about Japanese there are too many resources, but it's a language so different from ours that it takes a whole life to learn it lulz. Spanish on the other hand is easier and has more regularity and accentuation. If you ever want to try I could help and you could always talk to me in Spanish when you feel ready. emotion_hug
Smashedcookie Report | 09/26/2022 3:39 am
Haha well, you shouldn't refrain from expressing your beautiful self :3 It's just that I'm a slow typer, and even if it doesn't seem like it I still struggle thinking in English from time to time, so I might time some time to reply! Also I get distracted easily, instead of the RP I'm replying to your dm first lol... and well (this first because it's shorter) lol
Smashedcookie Report | 09/26/2022 2:23 am
Also, don't worry about the long messages. There's different subjects of conversation going on so they tend to get that long but I'll eventually read them and reply to them all. biggrin
Smashedcookie Report | 09/26/2022 2:22 am
Awww let's cross our fingers your kitty recovers soon :C But I'm super glad to hear you are doing better biggrin

Hum... so you like just to watch/hear spooky stuff but you don't like actively engage with it? (like in videogames). You can tell your bro next time you see him, he could help this crazy sob Gaian who loves L4D2 but it's a nub lol

My steam name is dianeblackcool Diane = Pinkie Pie, Black = Fave color, Cool = it's a cool word isn't it? cool

And, even so, I need to keep better schedules but that game has make my life a trainwreck lol. I have to study coding and math, talk to one of my best friends (and read a sketch he wrote)... and attend many messages on this site in other accounts but I'll try to focus on this one before college.

Smashedcookie Report | 09/26/2022 1:38 am
Hey Kasumi! How did your trip to the doctor went? are you doing better?

OMG if your bro still plays it, maybe I could add him on Steam? L4D2 is a co-op game, if you have it maybe we could play it together someday!

Also I'm going to reply the guild threads. It got late quick for me (Gaia is such a time sucker)

And yeah haha now everything baby, specially if it's Japanese related would make me think of you :3
Smashedcookie Report | 09/25/2022 2:49 am
Ah, such a shame! I also cancelled projects due to Covid. So he suspended college? I hope he could find some good resources to distance-learn. Lol, btw your family could've created a magazine, your bro the photographer, your sis the make up artist and you the model xp

It's a zombie co-op shooter game L4D2. I finish all the levels yesterday so I'll spend a little less time there and a bit more reading and preparing for college. I'm still nervous, the advanced classes are too intimidating.

Haha, btw I listened to baby metal and their name made me think of you and the baby rps whee


Been here since 2008! And still role playing.


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