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((Kasumi is a fictional character and as such I have decided to make this account dedicated solely to her. So, please remember I am:

If you see ((before and ))after any text on screen, then it is OOC, otherwise you are interacting with the character. If you want to speak to the person behind the character, please contact the account Chazzamatazz.

Ms. Ocada is a closed character, she is taken by her Benimaru-San. While I'm willing to bring her into role plays, what you see in your interactions with her is pretty much what you'll get, depending upon the setting.

*I should say that Kasumi was my first account on Gaia and so there are other posts OOC and many guilds will take a while to be switched over to Chazzamatazz as I make her my main account. This delay is temporary and I will have Kasumi entirely fictional soon so as not to mislead anyone...))