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Well, I'm FINALLY getting a chance to fill this part out right~!

My name is Casimiro (Kashimiiro in romaji), I'm in my early 20's and a college student D:~! Right now I'm finishing up on my A.A. in Foreign Language: Japanese (YEAH~!) and should be finished with it spring '12! Then I plan on transferring to a 4yr university and complete my B.A. in History with plans to be a teacher at either the high school level or at the college level.

After I get my B.A., I plan on getting on board with the JET programme. This program will allow me to live in Japan, on one year contracts for up to 3-4 years in total, helping to teach English at all levels of education (except the university level). This opportunity will allow me to use my Japanese degree and gain experience as a teacher so that when I return to the states (ASSUMING I return) I will have something to offer other than JUST a degree.

My LOVE is history~! Which is one reason Japan and the Japanese language were SO attractive to me, seeing as the country was closed off to the rest of the world for such a long time allowing it to keep its culture and language. While I love ALL history, I am particularly drawn to war history (any war, but WWII in particular [grandpa was a WWII vet]), American history, Japanese history, and (MOST interested in) Middle Eastern history (particularly that of Mesopotamia).

Other than that, I am a Christian and lead the worship at my church. Our church is "Baptist" in name, but we have a emphasis on Hebraic roots (so I'm ALSO learning Hebrew~!) so we worship on the sabbath (Saturday) and keep the dietary laws and such.

So yeah...not exactly your TYPICAL 20 something, but you gotta admit....it's a pretty interesting combination of interests, eh? I'm always up for a good discussion on history, religion, politics, or ANYTHING really XDXDXD~!


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dee ban Report | 11/29/2011 8:12 pm
dee ban
Wowzers, good job on the Japanese Exam!
It would probably take me half a life time to get that kind of score for a foreign language cx
AzureAzul Report | 08/18/2011 8:07 pm
I could do that after watching several episodes of certain anime as well.
AzureAzul Report | 08/17/2011 7:55 pm
So lucky, you have Japanese classes at school. I only get Spanish, French, German, and MANDARIN!
Victorique Golden Fairy Report | 08/09/2011 10:35 am
Victorique Golden Fairy
Your welcome ^_^
Ooohhh~ cake X3
Yoko Froggy Report | 08/08/2011 4:57 pm
Yoko Froggy
Just have fun and don't be afraid to post or make topics.
And eventually we'll have a contest when we think of some and have enough members.
I hope you enjoy! =D
Victorique Golden Fairy Report | 08/08/2011 1:56 pm
Victorique Golden Fairy
Happy birthday smile
Victorique Golden Fairy Report | 08/04/2011 12:03 pm
Victorique Golden Fairy
Gaia just announced, they for some sort of voting for our favorite ideas....
I'd rather have the cookies to equip..
Victorique Golden Fairy Report | 07/13/2011 6:28 pm
Victorique Golden Fairy
I think I will try it smile Thanks for the idea
Victorique Golden Fairy Report | 07/04/2011 1:16 pm
Victorique Golden Fairy
Thanks for the gift ^_^ and the head-ache did go away 3nodding after an hour-ish
AzureAzul Report | 07/03/2011 11:24 am
Well that was nice of Rika :3

Rei...I don't feel like finishing. In the first episode, a beach episode, we see Rika holding some kind of goose panties, and Keiichi is naked. No comment.



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