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Kashi's Oc's :: Always willing to accept commissions::

Just like my profile will usually be i'm and veerrry into Korea, and Korean things.
Like K-pop K-dramas, and I'm learning Korean as well. XD
K-pop wise I listening to anything but my favorites are::
DBSK, Super Junior, B2ST, Miss A, 2 PM, Big Bang, U-kiss, 2ne1 and SS501.

DBSK happens to be the first group that I really got in to, Yunho was my first favorite guy~ kukuku
Drama wise I don't have much time any more to watch them but I have enjoyed::
Hana Kimi, Boys Over Flowers, Coffee Prince, Your Beautiful, Playfull Kiss.
If you have any suggestions I'll keep track of them and hopefully get to watch them!
They accumulate soo fast! @.@

Other then that, I'm a freshmen in college, and when not in class I'm usually working as a lifeguard/ teaching kids how to swim. If I'm not doing any of those I'm usually on Gaia, Drawing or playing zOMG. Or some other games.
I play video games as well. Assassins Creed and Zelda have to be my all time favorites..probably. XD


Oc Scramble

Bunch of my Oc's -will organize later-



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Report | 11/16/2018 11:37 am


The MP isn't too bad, at least with that you can base it off of previous listings, though artificial inflation is still a thing. emotion_eyebrow I've never been good at playing the MP though, I always just list it at the lowest price. YEET the item! >:U Ah, yeah, if it ranged from anything less than 10,000, platinum sounds like the better option. Have you noticed whether or not you've been earning more?

Oh goodness, really? You sticking with Macs? I know they can be pretty expensive... so I have no idea if buying a new one would be cheaper/more expensive that replacing parts 'cause oof... 1k sounds like a lot to replace something versus buying a new one. emotion_0A0

Aww... :c That's too bad. Are you still into any anime, manga, games, or anything? Making any stories? I'm still sitting over here making OCs and fan characters. 8'D;;
And jnawkjas, thanks ; w; Yeah, I keep telling myself to do more gesture drawing and try more dynamic poses but I wind up just... forgetting or I start with a more dynamic pose and then just default back to 3/4 facing left, standing still lol.

Is it the thing in your avi dress-up page? I know you can search other items and such in there, I just never use it. But oof, yeah, I talk with Krow about it a lot but the tagging and sorting of items is absolutely abysmal. But aw, not gonna try and make some new ones? I haven't played it in a while, but Lake Kindred would often drop random item generators and you could get some pretty good stuff from there. I know I wound up getting a lot of bundles, too. There're also the daily log in things you get now. But RIP if you don't regularly open them... I have something like 219 I've yet to open... > >;;

Report | 11/14/2018 12:22 pm


YES!! Sometimes you could just repetitively click the "x Announcements" link without having to wait for it to pull up the forum post but sometimes it didn't work so you'd have to wait foreverrr. As someone that hates seeing that particular thing on the header I couldn't just ignore it. And of course there's no way to disable it. gonk So what's the average you see getting handed out for surfing now? But hah, yeah. I get why they're keeping gold but I feel like it'd almost be easier to just completely convert the site to platinum. It makes things kind of confusing in art shops cause I'm sitting there trying to remember the conversion rates, lol. Heaven forbid I put the comma in the wrong place!

Aw, that's sad to hear. :'c But I can understand. I still draw but it's like... I've lost something from when I was younger? My art used to feel more fluid and dynamic and now-a-days it's so stiff. gonk But oof, sounds like that computer needs to be retired!

I like a lot of the leg and arm poses we get, they're super cute! Omg, tektek. Yeah, I really think they should've integrated that into the site and made it official?? Because it was so heckin' useful! But that was during Gaia's dark times, with that money hungry dude who was in charge... Is there a builder on-site? I never really play around with things, lol;;

Report | 11/13/2018 2:02 pm


Ugh, yeah. The Header's an absolute cluster ******** these days. I've just kinda started blanking it out? It also makes it kind of hard when there's an event going on 'cause it's like... is that another GC thing or...? I hate that that there're constant announcements, too. But at least they only stack to 5 now. They used to sit there upwards of 20 announcements and it was just really annoying to look at? 'Cause you'd have to sit there and just keep clicking the bubble. emotion_donotwant

Ah, yeah. I've heard that you also earn more overall if you switch to platinum because even if you get the lowest increment or like 1 or 2 plat just browsing the site, you'll still be getting the equivalent of 10k gold, so that was even more incentive for me to switch. But yeah, I've heard they haven't really been updating the payout on older things regarding gold, lol. But I don't go actively interacting with many things...

Do you not do much drawing anymore? :'c But hah, yeeeah. The avis can get pretty crazy--like I'm often sitting there trying to puzzle out how things work, where things are attached, etc.. And all the recolors, lol. Recolors everywhere--not that that's really a bad thing.

Report | 11/09/2018 3:26 pm


He just has a very punchable face. emotion_dowant Aw man, I remember back when we'd bum rush the bosses in zOMG! Good times, good times. Haven't really touched it since they brought it back though, tbh. I just kinda lurk in the Word Games forum these days and make object head avis, lol. Don't really have the patience to host Freebie threads anymore...

Oh god, yeah, the inflation. I actually converted to Platinum because I hated seeing that ridiculous string of numbers stretching across the header?? It feels like it makes things feel like they make prices more manageable?? Lol. Apparently Gaia turned into a trashfire when the one dude was running things but things seem to be taking steps in the right direction since Lanzer came back. Except with the recent server migration... things've been breaking left and right, hah;;;

But n'aww!! Missed you too!!

Report | 11/09/2018 3:03 pm


Ah, I see. Well it was cool to see you online again!
Idk why but I keep coming back to this hellsite, lol.

Report | 11/09/2018 1:09 pm


Whoa!! Dude! Haven't seen you online in ages!!

Report | 03/13/2014 6:53 pm


Thank you so much for the gift! *hugs*
I know what you mean, I've been super busy too with school and now I work at the campus library as well since second term started in Jan. I'm sorry we haven't been talking as much anymore but feel free to PM/comment/stalk anytime! I still love you~~

Report | 06/27/2013 12:11 am


-stalk- ninja

Report | 01/17/2013 1:12 pm


can i get comet candy for my love charm III Principal Mills , , if you can its the last item for my girlfriends dream avatar

Report | 12/29/2012 4:36 pm


thanks for the purchase <3 <3


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