Fiend 138

197666, I nailed a G.I. Joe to a crucifix and I'm sick. Sick, ********, sick!

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I'm loud and fast like a Ramones song

Straight edge like a Minor Threat song

As classic as a Misfits song

And ******** metal like a Cradle of Filth song

Talk to me, gais. (:


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Will draw ANYTHING for Toxic Kitten, Dark Ice, or Goti Slippers. Donations too. (:

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Kasey Danzig.


Donations/people who asked for my art. <3

Teh_Clash, thank you for donating items, generously. <3

Akimi Nya, thank you for asking for my art, and liking my avi in your contest. :3 <3

Lost With a Map, thank you for buying my art. <3

Genetically Unique, thank you for your beautiful artwork. <3

Medicated Kisses, thank you for your beautiful art. <3

xXPrincess_Vanessa still must keep her end of the art trade.

Donations are always appreciated, and recognized. <3

With love, Kasey_AntichristSuperstar. :3


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From Genetically Unique<3

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From Medicated Kisses. <3


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