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Konnichiwa my name is karushi moriume, I am a soul reaper
all of the women in my family have been soul reapers or so i'm told, and each one met a horrible fate, how ever I am different, I have both healing powers(like the 4th division) and also posess spiritual power too. when I first came to the soul society i was just an orphan just like the many other soul reapers and had no friends , then I met hanatarou Yamada. I was so lonely that I just sat down by him and talked with him. we soon became friends since we had just entered the soul society. 9 years later i entered reaper school with hanatarou, the day i became a soul reaper i left that school with hanatarou. I was put into the 4th division along with hanatarou, about 2 years later I was transfered to the 3rd division,that's were i met kazuki yorino, five days later we had an order about a hollow, that had appeared , kazuki wanted to fight the hollow alone since it had killed his cousin shieru, the whole time i wanted to fight but i couldn't take his honor so i just waited then all of the sudden the hollow poessed him , i yelled kazuki dono! he turned around and said what? kazuki dono? run yelled the captain i ran but before the captain could stop the hollow ran past him, i turned around with tears in my eyes , looked up at hollow kazuki and whispered sorry kazuki, a moved out of the way and watched as the hollow landed and ran toward me then all of the sudden I looked down seeing blood then i looked forward and saw kazuki dono ,he replied kudasai moriume, now i can... then he died , the captain told me it wasn't my fault that he died . the next day i was transfered back to the 4th division when I saw hanatarou I was so happy to see him after the death of kazuki , hanatarou cheered me up and told me that it wasn't my fault , and told me that he was glad that I was alright. 1 year later i was transfered to the 11th division where i met hideaki nisano , he was tall and had spiked hair that was the color electric blue, a month later the same hollow appeared and once again my friend was poessesed I yelled Hirosaki dono, and once again he said what, then he said since you must like me , I'll eat you first yelled the hollow jumping up onto the tree branch were I was standing , I fell off the branch , as i fell i look up and saw the hollow jump down toward me as i fell i thought Hanatarou. i'm sorry. as soon as i thought that I landed on the ground i quickly got up and started running, I then stopped ,i was so scared , i looked up and saw the hollow jump and come toward me he was in the air coming toward me I held my zanpacto infront of me . I closed my eyes in fear I felt something water-like splash on me I, I opened my eyes and realized it was blood , i screamed no ,no, no,... hideaki dono then he said , thanks captain it's an honor fighting with you,.. Thanks moriume , I'm sorry, but i must go.....and leave my heart here....replied hideaki dying. hideaki dono .. hideaki dono . no i cried. the following week i was transfered to the 13th division because of a shortage of seats due to a incident similiar to mine. that's when i met mizushi amino, she was older than me by 20 years she was a very skilled soul reaper . she was my idol, I wanted to be just as skilled as her when I was her age. I hoped to learn more of her skills . unfortunely she one day dissapeared , rumor has it that her soul was eaten by a hollow. i stayed with the 13th division for about 2 months during that time i met Rukia Kuchiki she was a noble and was from the kuchiki family , i however was an orphan . the day i transfered back to the 4th division, rukia went to the land of the living.

that's when i met my rival , his name was yamoto shino, in the past he often picked on hanatarou and made him cry a lot so , I would always would beat him up because of it, since hanatarou and i were orphans we were picked on all the time by rich families. I hated yamoto because he picked on my only friend.
he had two sisters their names were akari and sayuri , akari hated hanatarou and I beacause of the same reasons as her older brother who was only 1 year older(BECAUSE WE WERE ORPHANS) sayuri was kind and always hung out with me, when hanatarou was sleeping(i stayed up late). sayuri was my second friend. she started living with us the following year because her parents had kicked her out of their house due to stealing stuff for us. she hated her sister and brother.

one day
yamoto,akari,sayuri,and I were called to do a mission(kill a holllow) that day hanatarou was sick with a really bad cold. yamoto finished the hollow with a single blow. That night we celebrated with a drink that yamoto brought from the land of the living called sake, I only had one glass of it , but after I drank it , i blacked out, sayuri told me what happened when I got drunk, this is what she said you fell over, and hanatarou ran to you to see if you were alright beacause he as worried about you^_^ , then he got really sick and ran to a bucket and threw up because his cold had gotten worse and had turned to the flu, then you got up and grabbed your zangpacto and started to run after yamoto who was also drunk , and during this chase you dropped your zangpacto, then you and akari got in fight about what color the sky is , then we played truth or dare, because i thought it would be fun to play while you guys were drunk , well and you asked hanatarou this , have you been kissed by a girl? sayuri laughed so hard when she told me this , then she continued , hanatarou laughed a little and said no, I ...haven't. after that well , yamoto and akari were so drunk that they started to talk to you about hanatarou , then I heard a noise and I turned around to see you kissing him, the funniest part was that his face was bright red ,then he glanced at me out of the corners of his eyes ,but I had drinken a sip out of akari's glass, and i just said what? take it like a man ...(whatever that's supose mean whisperd sayuri)and then he just closed his eyes and took a deep breath and kissed you right on the lips. it was so kawaii . then and then he got sick and threw up again and then yamoto,akari,and you were hung over and hanatarou went to sleep in his room. that's all what happened said sayuri replied.

the next night a fellow shinigami in our division was poessed by the same hollow that had attacked my comrades in the past, this time hanatarou came with us, sayuri and i drew out our swords getting ready to attack , so many souls so little time said the possesssed shinigami, it shoved yamoto out of the way, it then threw akari into the air a it ran towards sayuri,hanatarou ,and I(hanatarou was standing by the captain), then it threw sayuri 3 feet away from where she was standing, It then stopped and looked around, then it saw hanatarou who was shaking in fear , what's wrong boy,you scared of me ? asked the posessed shinigami,then since you look weak i'll eat you first screamed the possessed shinigami, it drew out the sword and started running towards hanatarou , no , not another one i thought as i ran in front of hanatarou, all of a sudden i felt a sharp pain of the possessed shinigami's zangpacto stabbing right through me , and after that I heard the noise of something squirt out i realized it was my blood , I then heard a cry it was hanatarou who had just realized that the water-like liquid that had splashed onto his face was blood, I then pulled out the zangpacto and stabed the shinigami in the heart, so..rry i said as the shinigami fell to the ground, I then fell to the ground, facing the sky, hanatarou ran to my side , crying, I then said Hanatarou, come closer, closer.. Don't forget to clean the sewers, I then passed out
the next day, I woke up my room i looked over to see hanatarou sleeping in a chair that was right by my bed. Hanatarou woke up,and saw that I was awake, he told me that it was a miracle that I even survived.

OTHER ACOUNTS: i have 4 other accounts which are:
kawaiikokiri ,Hanatarou _Yamada1, and Rukia_Kuchiki2, and Sayuri Masaki(bleach OC)

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i love things that are random because i'm a random type of person.


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