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Hello lovelies, Im a seventeen year old athletic metal-head who rather enjoys writing....Hmm Im obviously a girl, I live in Oklahoma, and I play softball and run track. The names Kyla if you like. Im single, as I have always been, still an unflowered little blossom, straight, and enjoy chatting with others. Pm me if ya wanna know more. ^.^


A rose for a rose. White that is turned black. Angels that pray to keep us from death. Believe in what was never thought, but now we all have forgot. Sentenced and yet happy in life. So short, and cruel, and filled with the bloody roses turned black, crimson, and violet. Even the skulls scream at this

I danced with the wolves, then slaughtered the lions; for my plans were finally my own and I knew the glory of retribution

I doesn't matter who we are, the only thing that matters is our plans

I was wondering what would break first, your spirit or your body?

Ha, you think you are a friend of the dark? Well, I was born in the dark, raised in the dark..