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Hi. I'm Karra. I'm barely ever on here. You can find me on my favourite sites:

I still do Gaia Avvie art for Gaia Gold/Items, so don't be afraid to ask me. You can message me from any site.

Sometimes I pop in to do real cheap art, usually it's only in the summer months haha. Yes I know I undersell myself but what can I say!


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Mehlenna Report | 11/05/2011 7:32 pm
I always wanted to do avi art but I never ever did rofl now I dont have a means to
Mehlenna Report | 11/05/2011 11:53 am
I couldnt tell you. It had been quite awhile for me as well - I cant seem to stay away forever though - too many items I want xDD
Nuurr Report | 01/04/2011 6:04 pm
iFaris Scherwiz Report | 03/26/2010 7:04 pm
iFaris Scherwiz
Well, 200 PP is like, 10 battles!
Oh gosh, Sephys Alt is. . .just yeah xD
I think Cloud might be one of my least played peoples surprisingly xD
xD Did you read Wiki before you played? People who think Riku is a nobody needs to play CoM D:
Saix needs to hug his somebody I think.
And no, I so did not forget to reply to your comments.
iFaris Scherwiz Report | 03/17/2010 7:32 pm
iFaris Scherwiz
Yeah, but he's a blast to actually fighting as~ His Exmode is cool x3
xD. I already have all the Cosmos side, their alts. and Chaos' too. Along with some voices.
Who do you play the most on Dissidia. . .have I already asked this xD?
Same here, I haven't played Days in about three weeks, and I'm hardly finished with it.
Saix would disapprove, or be in denial of any nice-ness related to him.
iFaris Scherwiz Report | 03/16/2010 4:44 pm
iFaris Scherwiz
Because of Exdeath I have a level 80 Jecht xD
No gamestop! That's horrible D: But, sony so limited, thank goodness you have you DS'.
But Isa may have some form of a temper like his nobody, so I wouldn't want to hug that without at least hiding that bat xD
iFaris Scherwiz Report | 03/16/2010 4:29 pm
iFaris Scherwiz
That's cause voices are epic xD
Two? Why not just sell one to gamestop? Then, buy another game there xD
I want a giant, life size plush of Isa. He looks so cuddly . . . .No, that was not supposed to sound stalker-ish xP
iFaris Scherwiz Report | 03/14/2010 3:11 pm
iFaris Scherwiz
Definitely, Do you know the Exdeath trick yet for Quick Battles?
xD I've been playing for like, 7 months. The game is really, really addicting.
I need like 500 dollars before I can get FFXIII, I need a PS3 xD. Have you actually played any of it yet? is it fun?
BBS has a mini Axel and Saix in it, They're cute x3
iFaris Scherwiz Report | 03/10/2010 4:52 pm
iFaris Scherwiz
Nice, Onion Knight is actually really hard Dx, but Terra is pretty easy despite all the star things.
I already beaten Shade impulse. Three level hundred people too :3
Lucky, FFXIII is wickedly expensive x_x
iFaris Scherwiz Report | 03/08/2010 3:53 pm
iFaris Scherwiz
xD Yes it is.
How far are you?


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