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So I wasn't on gaia for a long time because I no longer had internet really after I moved out for a couple of months but then I had to come back and Hank was gone and so we didn't have internet anymore. I got a laptop for myself which is pretty badass, I love it but I probably will kill long before it should die knowing me lol. I miss my friends on here such as Stacy and Andrew, not sure what is going on with them anymore and I don't know how Stacy is, I hope she is okay. She was a very dear friend that I cherished. Anyway I think I will be back for a while. I still draw from time to time but it is some what seldom. I keep considering entering an art contest and winning some gold but I haven't done so yet, so who knows.

This is something that I wrote one night around 3-3:30am a while ago. I don't care if anyone likes it or not. It's the inner workings of my mind, I needed to release some stuff. I was very tired as you can imagine, so it may not be all that great or make much sense to you if you chose to read it.

I wrote it for myself and no one else, so if you want you can comment on it but you don't have to either. It's something that I wrote that is personal to me, but I thought I would post it somewhere, but since I've been having problems posting on my D.A. account, I thought I'd post it here.

Staring out a window in the early hours of morning
The late hours of night
A constant murmur of thoughts, questions pass through her mind.
Gazing at the approaching full moon which illuminates the blackened skies of the night
She wonders, and ponders at the afflictions of her mind
Do people really mean what they say?
Do you really know them? Do they really understand you?
Are they real? Or are they fake? Do you ever really know?
When will these questions go away? These facts stop afflicting me?
Or is there a true purpose behind these things? Are they a sign?
So many questions, no real answer, only they can answer them.
You know some of the answers to be facts, and yet this saddens you.
Why? Why does she ponder all these things?
All these things do is cause her pain - always in pain.
But glimpses she has glimpses of what seem to be happiness, bliss.

The constant preoccupation of her mind by someone
Someone she doesn’t even really know.
Why? How is it possible?
She asks herself as she gazes at the entrancing moon.
Captivated by the moon, captivated by someone who she knows she’ll never meet.
All she can do is wonder why and try to continue on.
Saddened by the lack of stars in the sky
She is also saddened by the truths of what she knows.

A dear friend of hers worries, watching from a distance;
Wondering, afraid for what may happen to her.
While she remains indecisive as to what it is that she should do.
Searching in the dark skies of the night for some hope of guidance
Some hope for peace of mind
…..Even if it is just for the moment
Alas, she can find none.
She shall find little peace until she knows the truths of that someone
The truths of how they feel, and just how strongly those feelings are.
Until she finds out if what they say, what they have told her is all the truth.

-Alyssa Erin

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Total Value: 2,930,913 Gold
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Frostbite Blade
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Gift of the Goddess
Gift of the Goddess
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