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My first day in Gaia

Well my first day in Gaia is confusing like hell, a lil boat called Internet Browser took me here and now i am lost on an Island i dont know, and all seems so different like in other games i know, but hey, i taught itll be all allright so i started to discover the tour and now i think i am rich like hell(505 gold xD).
I think many of you are laughin right now, so *pokes everybody in the eye*
So, now we got that done we can go on with my jorunal, hmm i wanted to go a lil bit fishing but it didnt work, seems that i dont have all the things i need together so i will go to the shop to by myself some baits but thats just the way it is, buy baits, throw the rod, and get some rare fishys muahahahaha.

So a good day to everyone and a great hunt on this new island,
your Karisto, may the legend continue and have fun biggrin

My first day in Gaia *lol*