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Hmm...where to begin...I suppose a little about myself wont hurt. I am very literate. I like to see grammar, punctuation, capitalization, everything. Spelling I'm not too hard on, everyone makes mistakes, and I can't expect everyone to be perfect. I suppose the same applies to the others. But...please do your best. I don't like to look at a bunch of worthless garble that is just a bunch of one or two letters because people are too lazy to type out their words. Next, I am very tempermental. Not something to brag about true, but I'm not here to paint for you the image of the perfect person, such a task is NOT my job. Everyone has flaws, and people on the internet who pretend not to, do nothing but annoy me and grate my nerves. I use a lot of my vocabulary, I know the word, I intend to use it, or learning said word would have been a waste of my time in English. Next, I am an above average writer. I'm not near perfection, but I do enjoy being able to write a story, of any length. I enjoy to RP, thought I do run into the problems that plague them. Spammers, people who don't know how to RP properly, people who bend the rules for their character, people who power spawn, people who god mod, power play, or my personal favorite: Get ticked when you point out WHY their character should die according to laws of reality, but make the excuse 'This is a fantasy world' to keep them alive. The problem is, if we broke said law I usually kill them with, Then it would mean that physics itself doesn't exist. I wont delve into that matter, because it might confuse people. Anyways, I am very specific on my profiles. All of my characters have a weakness to them, and a strength. Thier abilities have plusses and minuses. And I don't have mastery of anything. These tick me off, mainly because it means the person is going to alter the power to suit ANY occasion, and are too scared to limit their abilities. I enjoy having fun...but it does end on occasion when people decide to annoy me. I try not to quit RP's...but I'll admit I'll quit them if people don't obey rules, or their characters tick me off because of things they are doing. Finally...I hate it when people don't play their personality. Seriously...if you say your person is a cold-hearted man...play it! He isn't suddenly going to warm up when he sees a pretty woman! He is going to find fault in her before even considering to look at her positives! And of course...people who get a romance going in the first 5 pages of an RP...geez they are stupid. People who fall in love in the first five minutes had better have one heck of a reason to do so, because few people do this, and the ones that do, their relationships usually end in failure. So...please play your characters correctly. I suppose that is all of the information from me right now, I bid you all farewell, and I'll see you around.

Religion- I like to think of myself as a pious man, but I know to do so would be foolhardy. I have my weak moments, just like everyone else. I do my best to improve myself everyday. Soemtimes I fail,a nd sometimes, I succeed. I avoid swearing, so far, I have gone about one and a half years without swearing, so I'm doing good so far. I dislike to insult people, though I do so once in a while, and sometimes by accident. I do my best to apologize afterwords, but it almost never works out well. I am a Latter Day Saint, or Mormon if you prefer such a title. My weakness of all the sins in all honesty is lust. There are times I wish I had better control over myself, but I find it very difficult to control, especially since I am still a teenager with hormones raging through my body.

Religous talking- I have no problem talking about my religion, or debating the issue for everyone to hear. However, if we do decide to discuss religion, I ask you to follow three rules. I didn't make these rules up, in fact, they are rules a Lutheran in Sweden made up a while ago, when there wasa religous gathering. I don;t know his name, so if someone could tell me who it was, it would be appreciated.

Rule 1.) Don't ask people of other religions about a religion, such as asking a Catholic about Methodist's, or Mormons about Jews.

Rule 2.) Do not compare the best of your religion, with the worst of another persons religion. Compare the best with the best, and the worst with thw worst, if you would please.

Rule 3.) Leave room in the debate for holy envy. This is the example the man who gave these rules said. I'm not going to say it word for word, because I don't remember it as such, but i'll do my best. This is what he said: I'll use this as an example, I envy Mormons for the way they treat their dead. Lutherans for the most part feel sad when a loved one dies, holds a funeral service, and a burial service, but after that, most of it is forgotten except for a memory that surfaces about that person. Mormons think enough of the dead that they have a room in their temple made specifically to baptize the dead, and give them the blessing of God in the afterlife. And not just their own, they will baptize anyone who has died, even if they aren't related to them. That is religous envy.

Now, I'll admit I do envy some religions for what they do, but I'm not going to change my own. But, I know enough not to lift my nose in the air, and scoff every other religion in existence. So...if for some reason you decide to speak religion with me, or debate about it, please follow those rules.

Plans- Make it through my military career in one peice. Should be easy, as long as I don't do anything completely stupid. And it is fun for me to have this career, I know I meet a lot of interesting people at the very least.

Appearance- (For the sake of your eyes, I wont post a picture. I'll give a description, but don't take it to heart. For some reason, people always imagine a typed description as someone without flaws.) I am below average height for a male, standing at about 5'-9". I'm scrawny, and I mean I weigh around 130 pounds, no matter what I do. Work out, eat a lot, be lazy, I have tried it all, and can't gain weight. I don't mind anymore, because it is a lot easier for me to work-out now. My eyes range in color, from a dark blue, to a light grey. My eyebrows are a little thicker than most, but I like them because it keeps sweat, and occasionally blood, from falling into my eyes. My nose is slightly larger than average, and I have a sandy-blonde hair color, which changes from brown to blonde depending on the season. Generally, spring and summer I'm blonde, fall and winter I'm brown. I wear glasses right now, because my eyesight is too bad for me to not be able to wear them. Sitting in front of this computer isn't helping either. But, I will make due with what I can. I suppose that is enough information for now. I might add more later.

Dreams- Well, this section is a bit new. I got bored, and decide to write what I want the rest of the world to know I want...yeah...not really the most exciting thing in the world. stare But hey...I need something new to put down here.

1.) My Biggest Dreams- To one day have a wife and a few children. Odds of this happening are low, because most people don't like my personality, and my looks...well, if my face went through a garbage disposal, it would probably look better. That, and when the only thing that attracts women to you is the uniform you wear, things don't look too promising.

2.) Moderate Dream- I want to be able to explore the world. See the sights, take in other cultures, learn how much everyone else is different depending on the way they were raised. This one has a decent chance of happening, and so I actually look forward to attempting to complete this one.

3.) Small Dream- One day, I want to be able to write a book and get it published. I should be able to complete this...as long as I quit getting distracted. That is my biggest issue right now.


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Saia Kakaru Report | 04/27/2011 11:26 pm
Saia Kakaru
Happy Birthday Karell! Hope you're doing well!
HiddenLeafNinjaLena Report | 04/23/2011 10:45 am
Happy early birthday~ May you be safe and have a fun one.
Akane Hariguchi Report | 01/18/2010 6:00 pm
Akane Hariguchi
Hello friend that I ask a bunch of annoying personal questions...
Do you remember me? I hope so... if not, it's fine.
How have you been? C=
Cupa The Creeper Report | 01/11/2010 3:48 pm
Cupa The Creeper
What's your advice for gold making? Probably a random question at best, but I'm saving up to complete something.
Cupa The Creeper Report | 12/18/2009 6:23 pm
Cupa The Creeper
I'm still alive. XD
Cupa The Creeper Report | 08/21/2009 8:58 pm
Cupa The Creeper
Sink water fizzes. I don't think that's normal. tastes kinda like dirt too. 0.0
Cupa The Creeper Report | 08/21/2009 8:46 pm
Cupa The Creeper
It really isn't. Worst part is there's some root beer in the fridge calling to me.
Cupa The Creeper Report | 08/21/2009 8:40 pm
Cupa The Creeper
I live in a family that thinks Hot Pockets are a vegetable. I think that should answer that.
Dammit, I hate my diet. >.<
Cupa The Creeper Report | 08/21/2009 8:31 pm
Cupa The Creeper
This late at night, coupled with the headache? Agreed. Problem is all I have is Wyler's light mixes.
Cupa The Creeper Report | 08/21/2009 8:27 pm
Cupa The Creeper
No, but a good old fashioned tylenol for this headache and some soda will calm me down a bit.


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