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Hi, just some random person browsing around, don't mind me. Oh if you're looking here you're probably curious about me... um, ok. I guess I should mention I'm transgendered, I was born a guy but I prefer being a girl. I could say transsexual since I'm hoping for full surgery someday, but I prefer wider labels when I have to use them. Yeah, I'm not fond of labels but they're useful sometimes so I put up with them. I'm kinda shy when I'm just getting to know someone or I'm new to some place, but once I'm comfortable I can be a bit outspoken and even downright bitchy.
I like cross-gender attitudes in people, like girls who have a masculine attitude and boys who have a feminine attitude, just cuz it's different. (I wish I could have been just a feminine boy, I tried that for a while tho and it just wasn't working enough.) Really I like things that are different in general, normal is boring.

K now that I've said all that I guess you're probably backing away in terror... oh well. If not, Yay! Please say hi and stuff.


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This is just where I'm going to write random thoughts about life and maybe occasional snippets from stories I'm working on


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MachineMuse Report | 10/19/2012 12:43 pm
omg! you're posting!
Ms Ragnarok Report | 05/19/2012 9:58 pm
Ms Ragnarok
I thoroughly enjoy your posts! emotion_bigheart
Incense and Peppermints Report | 05/14/2012 9:59 am
Incense and Peppermints
You're great.
Omorose Panya Report | 11/25/2011 12:03 am
Omorose Panya
i like you. heart
The Herald of Death Report | 09/03/2011 12:32 am
The Herald of Death
Lol! Well everyone has those moments.

That's nice to hear honestly. I sometimes feel like people's opinion of me on the forum in general is a rather low, admittedly not helped by some of my behavior, though that might be me just being in a poor mood. And I do actually care about people's opinion of me more than I tend to try to let on. Though maybe you're perceptive enough to have noticed it yourself XP

I suppose now's a fair time to apologize for some of my behavior in the past. So, I am sorry for my worse moments. I can be rather childish here and have held some irrational grudges.
The Herald of Death Report | 09/02/2011 11:59 pm
The Herald of Death
Well yeah, the gold itself is insignificant, and IIRC your avatar has been the same for years now. The real point is to show that I emphatically agree with that post. Glad to hear it's appreciated. And your tips are similarly appreciated. Despite some rather big disagreements we've had I do think you're one of the most intelligent posters here so I do value your agreement.
The Herald of Death Report | 09/02/2011 11:46 pm
The Herald of Death
Alright then. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't being annoying with my tipping since it is meant to be a nice gesture and all xp
The Herald of Death Report | 09/02/2011 11:36 pm
The Herald of Death
You seem to tip me when I tip you. I'm unsure if you're doing this because of bad blood between us and you don't want my gold or something else, maybe more benign to show you agree as well. But if you'd prefer I didn't tip your posts I won't.
TarablyConfused Report | 08/31/2011 10:39 pm
I disappear from ED and Gaia a lot, but thank you, thank you, thank you is what I want to say. You're often one of the sane voices there, and it's always good to read what you have to say whenever I wander back onto the site.
La Veuve Zin Report | 08/31/2011 9:18 am
La Veuve Zin
Thanks for the tips! whee


When she stopped conforming to the conventional picture of femininity she finally began to enjoy being a woman.'
--Betty Friedan


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