Hello I am Kaoru Hitachiin and here is a bit of imformation about me that I got from wikipedia

Birthday: June 9th
Age: 16
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Amber
Alias: Kao-chan
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Status: Younger twin of the Hitachiin brothers
Height: 178cm (5'9")
Blood Type: B
Strong Subjects: English, Modern Japanese, Art
Favorite Food: Anything super spicy (He's not really partial to spicy foods so much as being contrary by eating whatever's "So fiery that nobody else dares try it"), Italian, maple syrup.
Type: Little Devil
Mid-term Exam Ranking: 1st year, 4th place
Ranking in Dai Hin Min: joint 2nd, together with his brother
Rose color: Orange
Favorite color: Orange


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My journal

nothing that you haven't already seen on my profile! (lol) but I'd like those to read my journal on the count on Me and My friends are getting together and bringing the High School Host Club to Gaia! And I'll have all the lastest updates and info


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Konnichiwa! I just wanted to say, awesome avi~! Looks alot like him~!♥ wanna be friendz?

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kool profile! orange rules User Image nice avi 2 that show is awesome. haha plaid is awesome

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Hi ready for the english dub of ouran?
C h o c o MarshMello

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C h o c o MarshMello

~fan girl scream~

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~jumps up and down~
S l O P A O

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S l O P A O

8D Hi.
S l O P A O

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S l O P A O

Lady Ookami

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Lady Ookami

Hello brother ^^

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hi ^3^
teh magic cupcake

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teh magic cupcake

>: D *throws a cake through the window* O: nice pro >w>
xX L lover xX

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xX L lover xX

hi how are