Hello, I am Kaori Sano, Or Rose whichever you prefer. 19, December child, Videogame, manga, and anime adict. Musician of over 10 instruments. Shy, Creative, curious, and most importantly taken.

My favorite anime series/ Manga are so far are Witchblade and Air gear or first, Fruits basket, Naruto, Soul Eater, Magical girl Midoko, Sword Art online,
Darker then black and bambooblade. I have a good sum more I just dont feel like listing them all.

I write stories fanfiction and original. Currentyl i have plans for a Persona Fanfiction as of my recent falling in love with the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series as well as a soul eater FF and a Air Gear FF on the way. So yeah

My favorite bands are Antic Cafe, Kanon X Kanon, Royz, Psychic Lover, One Ok Rock, Skankfunk, SuG, Versailles, X Japan, Vocaloid, 176BIZ, and Nao I cant recall all of these either I have hundreds more so if I get to It I'll update.

I play multiple instruments but my main ones thus far are Bass, Guitar, drums althogh I play multiple others ask me personally and I shall tell you everything.

I'm shy as hell however I'm very approachable and I do my best to talk to new people unless I feel uneasy or there just stupid.

Past that I dont have much else to say. Pm me if you wanna get to know me, I'm always willing to help out as well be it personal advice or just to talk so feel free... Welp I guess thats it. Have a nice day/Good night and I hope I didnt waste too much of your time on here. See ya!

~Rose heart