*POKE* I'm very ~pokable~ umm... I'm 15. (9/9/90) I gots a twin named KeyBaby. Creamy creamy cheesy cream.

I love Foamy the Squirrel.

Donators are loved, because I wanna' buy stuff.

Zaizaichan borrows this account sometimes to get moneys!

She's loved. XP

Call me Zai or Kaa!

Muahahahahahahahaha... carrot sticks...


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Lost and Broken


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O.o wow long comment......oh yay right...ahem...

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OMG! Coffee coffee coffee chocolate and coffee and I want coffee but I have coffee but it's all gone cause I had coffee and I drank it and it was really and I love Green Day! And I don't know why and I was watching Foamy and I'm atheist and proud and I think that people need to NOT tell me what I should believe and I think that's why will in the good old USA but it's not all that great sometimes, but the government is a good idea but the people running it and living under it are all ******** and Mom won't make me more coffee so I have to make it but I don't want to make it but I will cause I have it and it's gone and that mug was really big and jeune which means yellow in french I didn't really study the colors in Japanese so I can't tell you that and I love you but I might love coffee and more they keep on talking to me so my contentration keeps breaking and I think they're after the rest of my ear and I still don't have my coffee and pah pah pah pah pah and god I'm bored and I have to study but I don't wanna so I'm going to wait a little longer before I do and god that Math test is tomorrow and I don't want it to bring down my grade cause I got it really high and I need to comb out my hair but it's so long that I don't feel like doing that either. I wanna' rock 'n roll all night! And party everyday! As long as there's coffee there too. You crazy people! Where is the coffee?

~That was in Norochannies comments and if you know me then go to my xanga and the last pink post of mine is more randomness and hyperness and coffee and READ! You idiots.

I love you all.

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HI!Whats up?I am the first one to comment....o.o scary...


ShInY tHiNgS hAvE dIsTrAcTeD mE!!

~Donations are loved, as will you be!~