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Hey There.
Welcome To My Profile.
My Name Is Not Important.
Neither Is My Age.
If You Really Want To Know Either Of Those Things Get To Know Me A Bit Better.
I Am Not Sure What All To Include Here...

...I Guess It Is Time For Random Info On Me.
I'm A Bit Of A Nerd/Geek I Suppose.
I'm Pretty Laid Back.
I'm Also A Very Kind Person.
I Genuinely Care About People...Even People I Hardly Know.
It's Just The Way I Am.
I Am A Pesce-Pollotarian...Which Is Just A Fancy Way To Say The Only Meat I Eat Is Fish And Poultry.
I Can Be A Bit Off The Wall Sometimes.
I Absolutely Love Random PMs.
Random Comments Are Also Just As Awesome.
Send Me A Friend Request And I'll Most Likely Accept It.
Although If You Do Send Me A Friend Request I'd Appreciate It If You Would Talk To Me Once In A While.
I Am Fond Of Reptiles Of All Kinds...Especially Snakes And Turtles.
I Love When It Rains Heavily...I Sit In It And Get Soaked(Colds Be Damned).
I Love Lightning And The Sound Of Thunder.
I Like Cool Weather And Cloudy Days.
My Favorite Kind Of Tree Is Weeping Willows.
I Like Most Kinds Of Metal And Electronic Music. And Some Rap/Hip-Hop.
I Like Toffee Flavored Anything.
I Love Video Games.
I Also Love To Read.
I Can’t Stand People Who Are Rude, Intolerant, And/Or Ignorant.
Terrible Literature Makes Me Want To Set Things On Fire.
I Also Can’t Stand My Allergies.
I Am Pretty Much Blind Without My Glasses.

I'll Add More As I Think Of Things.


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Apple White Broflovski Report | 02/16/2020 11:14 pm
Apple White Broflovski
That sounds interesting :3
I need to check that out since I don't really watch many shows TwT
Apple White Broflovski Report | 02/16/2020 8:08 pm
Apple White Broflovski
Outsiders, never heard of it TwT
And r.i.p. its alright lol and nice I have hulu too!
Apple White Broflovski Report | 02/16/2020 7:56 pm
Apple White Broflovski
Its very relaxing =w=
And it sounds like you are too!
What show are ya watchin'? o:
Apple White Broflovski Report | 02/16/2020 7:43 pm
Apple White Broflovski
Im just chilling in the living room with my dog browsing though youtube :3
And you?
Apple White Broflovski Report | 02/16/2020 7:28 pm
Apple White Broflovski
Thats good!
And I've been alright too :3
Apple White Broflovski Report | 02/16/2020 7:19 pm
Apple White Broflovski
Np! How are you? ^-^
Apple White Broflovski Report | 02/16/2020 7:03 pm
Apple White Broflovski
Just stopping by to say hi :3
wishrot Report | 02/13/2020 10:01 pm
Yeah it's a nice reminder that things could be worse hahaha sorry, trotted off to make dinner... that and gaia alerts are horrendous
wishrot Report | 02/13/2020 8:40 pm
Niceee. I haven't seen that in a bit. The old one or the new one?

I've been binge-watching It's Sunny in Philadelphia to feel better about my own life.
wishrot Report | 02/13/2020 8:25 pm
Get ADD and you'll get used to it haha. What movie?

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