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So you wish to know about me do you? well academically i failed collage twice, due to my stupidity in the choice of my course, but do not think for one second that because I failed at collage, that make me stupid. You would be sourly mistaken. Anyway more about me... depends on what you want to know, i care not much for petty arguments and i hate to loose i am compensative and stubborn, and have been told i am charismatic especially under the influence of alcohol. I am however very friendly and will engage in conversation with nearly everyone. I also represent the youth of my area on the youth council and I love politics. However i do love music and love to sing just wish i was any good at. I am an appreciator of many things so just ask me anything and i will answer.


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Zev_Dragon Report | 12/24/2016 8:26 am
Merry Christmas honey
Kayatsu Keauta Report | 10/26/2016 6:15 pm
Kayatsu Keauta
Hey Kane how have you been doing lately?
Just wanted to say hi & ask how you was .
Kayatsu Keauta Report | 03/21/2016 5:18 am
Kayatsu Keauta
Hi kane emotion_hug love your avi !! How are doing ?
Kayatsu Keauta Report | 03/04/2016 2:38 pm
Kayatsu Keauta
Hello ,
emotion_hug I'm very happy you liked your presents !!! No you don't talk to much about yourself . if anything not enough really , but I do understand something's are best not dwelt upon as well . However I'm here anytime you'd like to talk.
As far as your book , I know you can do it . A simple deadline is not going to hinder you , especially since you're just doing a bit of ' rework / touch- up ' to it. You've already written it. !!
That's a very interesting & insightful way to look at life . it's never occurred to me to look at my life & the people I meet in that way. Very interesting indeed!!
You will do great just keep at it !!!!!! Depression or not you're a wonderful , insightful , kind & intelligent person !! 3nodding please , DO NOT forget that !!!
I look forward to reading your book!!! I'm not much of a person who brags bout who they know but I can't wait to tell people about your book & that I know you ! biggrin
Kayatsu Keauta Report | 03/01/2016 12:36 pm
Kayatsu Keauta
Happy birthday !!! emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug
Kayatsu Keauta Report | 02/11/2016 8:38 pm
Kayatsu Keauta
emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug
Kayatsu Keauta Report | 01/28/2016 9:44 pm
Kayatsu Keauta
Well , sadly I have to admit I wish I was as nice , kind and thoughtful as you think I am. I really am not that nice , I find I have a quick temper in a lot of cases , sadly.
As far as the sword yes , I agree it's design is just classic not overdone like some or most things can be on Gaia. Gaia does offer variety , which is wonderful but perhaps with some items they've gotten a bit carried away with.
As far as your concerned , yes one does tend to value oneself based on societies observations. However that's not the wisest option , hard not to do most of the time but not the best evaluation of ones own self! You should judge your self by your own morals and beliefs. No one can be perfect constantly especially when being judged but hundreds if not thousands , millions or billions of people !!! It can't be done! Therefore you must live by your own moral code !! As long as your not hurting anyone and are responsible for your actions , good for you is how I try to look at it !! If that person makes mistakes they have to deal with it.
So long story shortened , are you happy with what your accomplishing ? The way you treat people ? The way you handle stressful situations or people ? Do you think you want to change anything in your life ?
Oh , your correct about gaining strength from life's challenges , but wiser also!! From experience comes strength and wisdom.
I get the money angle but honestly , you know I'd bet there were greedy people in this world before money was ever invented. No it certainly doesn't seem to help but I'm sure it's not the true cause , or root of the problem. Sad really , yes I'd like to have money and lots , lots of it BUT I'd like to see everyone have a lot too . Kinda like you I guess
Well , I can tell you my sister is really happy and is doing really , really great . She adores her son , and he's just the cutest baby I think I've ever seen ! I miss holding him already !!!! But they will be back hopefully soon for another visit .
And really ? I talk a bunch about myself .lol I could talk about that baby for days!!!
Kayatsu Keauta Report | 01/28/2016 3:52 pm
Kayatsu Keauta
Yep your right it's been some time ! I think i remember you talking about moving out on your own but hadn't yet one of the last times we had talked , but wow how time flies !!! As far as your public speaking. I still say your way , way undervaluing yourself !!!! WAY undervaluing !!! Your probably correct about people really not liking it but from what you've told me it just proves your smart , funny , honest and down to earth , very real , self aware and approachable !!!! Your stutter , I think that's probably a mental mechanism to ' keep it real ' to be honest to yourself and others! To express yourself freely and honestly !
As far as a job , writing is a job , an outlet but none the less a career / job !!! And since your goal is to help others through your writing , it kinda proves my point , this may be a goal you've set for yourself but it will not only help you it is designed to help others as well , that proves your intelligent , kind , honest and highly empathetic towards others !!!
Oh wow , you still have the sword huh ? Yes , that was a while back , indeed .
Oh yes my sister was on Gaia a lot when we first met. As I recall , she started a guild and we both joined . lol yes. I believe you two chatted often . And yes , she's doing great !! She was just here for a few days visit with the baby and he's just so amazing , perfect !!! I was wishing she could've stayed longer but she had to return home , appointments and other things.
Kayatsu Keauta Report | 01/18/2016 10:01 pm
Kayatsu Keauta
emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug
Deep breaths my friend , your troubles will pass , til then big hugs!!!
Kayatsu Keauta Report | 01/11/2016 12:36 pm
Kayatsu Keauta
First and foremost. emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug
Be brave and never forget you have people out in the world who cares very much about you !!! Yes, I remember you like to role play and I think it's wonderful you still enjoy it and that it's helped you to discover a true talent, writing !! And I'll bet thought that you can also help and assist youth world wide ! I'd be very very interested in reading your book!!! Very !!!
You probably won't remember but reading is a hobby of mine .
Well like you , family , stressful .
Um my sister moved ,just had a baby , has attended and quit college and has a job. She seems to be doing good , happy.
I love them ( family ) but can be stressful!
Yep your correct ,I do have cats . I'm down to a few outdoor strays I feed , 1 indoor / outdoor male ( now neutered & shots ) and his son I keep indoors.
As I recall you have dogs , hope they're doing good!!
As far as internet , yes ISP - internet service provider and most I've encountered have been a pain. Lousy service some , or a crazy high price , or both.
Let's see me just trying to work as much as possible and keep moving forward. Some days are more of a struggle than others but I keep going , or at least try to!!
Same job as the last time we talked but got a better boss now so that helps some!! I work with the public but I could never do what you do , I admire that a lot ! Public speaking is intimidating to me. I admire you , you don't let your doubts stop you from achieving your goal of helping others !! Amazing , bravo. !!!!!!


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